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Richard Green
Manager, Hydrangea in Hull Hydra (Hull) Projects
c/o Library and Learning Innovation
Brynmor Jones Library
University of Hull 
Hull HU6 7RX

Richard Green is an independent IT consultant who has worked with the Hull repository team managing a number of projects since 2005. At present Richard is involved with Hull’s Hydra repository implementation, work to integrate the library OPAC and repository search, and is working with the University archives to develop an approach to born-digital materials. He is a member of the Hydra Project steering group and, as such, actively involved in the development of that international collaboration. Richard is co-chair of the Fedora UK and Ireland User Group.

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July 2006

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Fedora Users Conference

Chris Awre and Richard Green report from the Fedora Users Conference, a two-day meeting for users of the open source Fedora repository system held at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, Virginia, USA, over 19-20 June 2006.

issue48 July 2006

access control, accessibility, aggregation, api, bpel, cataloguing, content management, cornell university, data, data model, data set, database, digital library, digital preservation, digital repositories, dissemination, dspace, e-research, fedora commons, fiz karlsruhe, framework, identifier, indiana university, infrastructure, institutional repository, interoperability, jisc, metadata, mets, monash university, mysql, national science foundation, oais, open source, php, preservation, rae, rdf, repomman, repositories, research, research information management, rutgers university, sakai, search technology, semantic web, soa, soap, software, sql, standards, technical university of denmark, tufts university, university of hull, university of queensland, university of virginia, uri, web 2.0, web services, wiki, xacml, xml, yale university

RepoMMan: Delivering Private Repository Space for Day-to-day Use

Richard Green and Chris Awre describe work undertaken at the University of Hull to place Web services at the heart of its personalised digital repository provision.

issue54 January 2008

authentication, bpel, browser, data, digital preservation, fedora commons, file format, ftp, glasgow caledonian university, harvard university, higher education, infrastructure, institutional repository, jisc, jstor, ldap, metadata, open access, open source, portal, preservation, preservation metadata, remap project, repomman, repositories, research, rich internet application, sakai, soap, software, university of hull, uportal, vocabularies, web services

The CLIF Project: The Repository as Part of a Content Lifecycle

Richard Green, Chris Awre and Simon Waddington describe how a digital repository can become part of the technical landscape within an institution and support digital content lifecycle management across systems. 

issue68 March 2012

archives, bbc, cataloguing, clif, collection development, content management, content management interoperability services, data, data management, digital repositories, dublin core, e-research, fedora commons, framework, higher education, hydra, institutional repository, jisc, jisc information environment, kings college london, metadata, microsoft, mods, opac, open source, preservation, remap project, repomman, repositories, research, sakai, search technology, sharepoint, software, solr, standards, stanford university, university of hull, university of virginia, url

The REMAP Project: Steps Towards a Repository-enabled Information Environment

Richard Green and Chris Awre investigate what role a repository can play in enabling and supporting the management and preservation of its own digital content.

issue59 April 2009

archives, browser, clif, content management, data, digital preservation, doc, droid, dublin core, fedora commons, framework, glasgow caledonian university, harvard university, hydra, information architecture, institutional repository, jisc, jisc information environment, kings college london, metadata, mods, preservation, remap project, repomman, repositories, rss, schema, search technology, software, standards, stanford university, the national archives, tiff, university of hull, university of virginia, url, web services
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