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Richard Waller
Ariadne Editor

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Most frequently used terms in this author's articles (ordered by total usage / articles): "research", "data", "repositories", "archives", "jisc", "metadata", "search technology", "software", "mla", "preservation". See interactive data charts for more details on all tags associated with this author.

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March 2011

Articles by this author

Number of Ariadne articles written (or co-written) by this author: 65.

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Editorial Introduction to Issue 38: The Quality of Metadata Is Not Strained

Richard Waller introduces Ariadne issue 38.

issue38 January 2004

accessibility, ahds, archives, bbc, daedalus, data, dspace, e-learning, electronic theses, eprints, further education, interoperability, jisc, metadata, oai, oai-pmh, open archives initiative, perl, portole, repositories, resource discovery, software, standards, ukoln, url, xml, z39.50

News and Events

Ariadne presents a brief summary of news and events.

issue38 January 2004

aggregation, archives, bibliographic data, blog, cilip, content management, data, data management, database, digital library, digital preservation, e-learning, e-science, ebook, edina, eprints, eprints uk, file format, framework, higher education, ibm, ict, infrastructure, jisc, jstor, knowledge management, metadata, mis, mobile, national e-science centre, niso, openurl, operating system, preservation, repositories, research, royal college of art, search technology, software, standards, the national archives, ukoln, university of bath, usability, web development, web services, wiki, wireless

Editorial Introduction to Issue 37: Monocultures Threaten More Than Species

Richard Waller introduces Ariadne issue issue 37.

issue37 October 2003

archives, copyright, daedalus, digital media, dissemination, dspace, ebook, eevl, eprints, ict, information society, interoperability, jisc, metadata, oai, openurl, portal, preservation, research, resource sharing, rss, software, standards, subject gateway, ukoln, unicode, university of glasgow, url, web resources

Editorial Introduction to Issue 36: This Time the Cavalry Showed Up

Richard Waller introduces Ariadne issue 36.

issue36 July 2003

aggregation, archives, bbc, cataloguing, cd-rom, copyright, data, digital library, ebank uk, elib, further education, ims, ims enterprise, infrastructure, intellectual property, internet explorer, jisc, jisc information environment, metadata, mimas, ontologies, open access, preservation, repositories, research, romeo, service registry, software, standards, ukoln, url

Functionality in Digital Annotation: Imitating and Supporting Real-world Annotation

Richard Waller looks at both pre-digital and digital concepts of annotation, with a view to how annotation tools might be used in the subject-gateway environment.

issue35 April 2003

amazon, archives, authentication, browser, cloud computing, copyright, data, database, digital library, higher education, html, hypertext, identifier, information retrieval, jisc, managed learning environment, metadata, modelling, multimedia, provenance, repositories, research, resource description, search technology, software, standards, subject gateway, ukoln, uml, url, video, vle, w3c, web browser, xml, xpointer
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