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Rosemary Russell

Rosemary Russell
Research Officer
Innovation Support Centre
University of Bath

Rosemary Russell is a Research Officer within the Innovation Support Centre at UKOLN. Her current work focuses on Research Information Management (RIM) and the provision of support and advice for the JISC RIM programme. Rosemary participates in euroCRIS activities and is a member of the Best Practice Task Group. She also has an interest in institutional repository management and the integration of repositories and CRIS.

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July 2012

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euroCRIS Membership Meeting, Madrid

Rosemary Russell and Brigitte Jörg report on the bi-annual euroCRIS membership and Task Groups meetings which took place in Madrid on 5-6 November 2012.

issue70 November 2012

adobe, aggregation, bibliometrics, blog, cerif, codata, data, data model, data set, database, digital repositories, dublin core, elsevier, eurocris, framework, identifier, imperial college london, infrastructure, institutional repository, interoperability, jisc, lod, ontologies, open access, open source, orcid, portal, preservation, rdf, reposit, repositories, research, research information management, software, standards, ukoln, university of bath, visualisation, vocabularies, xml

JISC Research Information Management: CERIF Workshop

Rosemary Russell reports on a two-day workshop on research information management and CERIF held in Bristol over 27-28 June 2012.

issue69 July 2012

blog, cerif, cornell university, curation, data, data model, data set, devcsi, dublin core, edina, elsevier, eurocris, file format, framework, hefce, higher education, identifier, imperial college london, infrastructure, institutional repository, jisc, metadata, ontologies, open access, open source, orcid, repositories, research, research information management, schema, software, standards, ukoln, university of bath, university of huddersfield, university of oxford, university of st andrews, vocabularies, wikipedia, xml

Collecting Evidence in a Web 2.0 Context

Ann Chapman and Rosemary Russell describe the challenge of collecting evidence for a study of how Web 2.0 is being used in the UK HE sector.

issue60 July 2009

archives, blog, cataloguing, citeulike, data, database, facebook, flickr, geospatial data, gis, good apis, google, google scholar, google search, higher education, jisc, jorum, librarything, mashup, netvibes, pageflakes, passwords, podcast, repositories, research, rss, search technology, second life, sharegeo, social networks, software, standards, twitter, ukoln, university of bath, video, vle, web 2.0, web app, web development, wiki, wikipedia, wordpress, youtube

DRIVER: Building the Network for Accessing Digital Repositories Across Europe

Martin Feijen, Wolfram Horstmann, Paolo Manghi, Mary Robinson and Rosemary Russell present an outline of the DRIVER Project and its achievements so far in supporting and enhancing digital repository development in Europe.

issue53 October 2007

aggregation, archives, authentication, bibliographic data, browser, cql, curation, data, data management, database, digital repositories, dublin core, e-research, framework, goettingen state and university library, infrastructure, institutional repository, intellectual property, interoperability, metadata, multimedia, oai, oai-pmh, open access, open archives initiative, opendoar, preservation, provenance, repositories, repositories support project, research, search technology, sherpa, soap, software, srw, standards, surffoundation, ukoln, university of bath, university of nottingham, web standards, wiki

DC 2006: Metadata for Knowledge and Learning

Julie Allinson, Rachel Heery, Pete Johnston and Rosemary Russell report on DC 2006, the sixth international conference on Dublin Core and Metadata Applications, held 3 - 6 October 2006.

issue49 October 2006

aacr2, accessibility, agrovoc, application profile, archives, bibliographic data, blog, bnf, british library, cataloguing, cclrc, cetis, cilip, collection description, controlled vocabularies, cornell university, data, database, dcmi, digital archive, digital library, dublin core, dublin core metadata initiative, e-learning, eduserv, eprints, framework, frbr, ieee, ieee lom, institutional repository, interoperability, iso, javascript, jisc, jisc information environment, json, lcsh, learning object metadata, learning objects, lom, marc, metadata, metadata model, mods, national library, ontologies, open access, owl, plain text, preservation, repositories, research, resource description and access, schema, search technology, semantic web, simple dublin core, skos, social networks, software, standards, tagging, ukoln, uml, university of bath, university of oregon, vocabularies, web app, xml, xml schema

Agora: From Information Maze to Market

Bridget Robinson, David Palmer and Rosemary Russell outline the Agora cross-searching software project, and its technical background.

issue24 June 2000

aggregation, agora, archives, authentication, bibliographic data, cataloguing, cerlim, collection description, data, database, digital library, dissemination, dner, elib, framework, higher education, iso, jisc, library management systems, metadata, multimedia, perseus, rdf, research, schema, search technology, software, standards, streaming, tufts university, ukoln, university of bath, university of east anglia, url, w3c, z39.50

Information Landscapes

Rosemary Russell, Sally Criddle and Sarah Ormes report on the UKOLN conference held in June 1998.

issue16 July 1998

archives, british library, cataloguing, coalition for networked information, data, database, digital library, dublin core, elib, ims, information architecture, metadata, multimedia, oxford brookes university, repositories, research, search technology, sheffield hallam university, ukoln, university of bath, university of california berkeley, university of hull, university of leeds, university of oxford, university of sunderland, z39.50


Rosemary Russell reports on MODELS workshop, held on 5-6 February 1998.

issue14 March 1998

archives, data, database, dissemination, dner, elib, higher education, information architecture, infrastructure, jisc, jisc information environment, research, search technology, ukoln, university of hull, url, z39.50

MODELS: MOving to Distributed Environments for Library Services

Rosemary Russell shows how MODELS are built from clumps.

issue8 March 1997

ahds, archives, british library, data, elib, framework, identifier, jisc, metadata, oclc, resource description, resource discovery, ukoln, university of bath, z39.50
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