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Sally Rumsey

Sally Rumsey
Digital Collections Development Manager
Bodleian Digital Library Systems and Services (BDLSS)
The Bodleian Libraries
Osney One Building
Osney Mead
Oxford       OX2 0EW

Sally Rumsey is Digital Collections Development Manager at the Bodleian Libraries, University of Oxford. Sally leads the group responsible for development of and outreach for the Bodleian Libraries’ internal born-digital and digitised collections. She manages the Oxford University Research Archive (ORA), a sustainable repository for Oxford research publications. She is involved with development of data repository services and other aspects of a research data management infrastructure for the University.

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May 2012

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DataFinder: A Research Data Catalogue for Oxford

Sally Rumsey and Neil Jefferies explain the context and the decisions guiding the development of DataFinder, a data catalogue for the University of Oxford.

issue71 July 2013

aggregation, algorithm, api, archives, bodleian libraries, cataloguing, controlled vocabularies, curation, data, data citation, data management, data model, data set, database, datacite, digital archive, digital library, dmponline, eprints, fedora commons, identifier, impact project, infrastructure, jacs, jisc, linked data, metadata, oai-pmh, open access, open archives initiative, orcid, passwords, preservation, purl, rdf, repositories, research, research information management, schema, search technology, semantic web, software, solr, standards, uk data archive, university of oxford, uri, url, vocabularies, wireframe, xml

Book Review: Managing Research Data

Sally Rumsey reviews a book which describes and explains the topics of interest central to practitioners involved with research data management.

issue69 July 2012

archives, bbc, blog, bodleian libraries, curation, data, data citation, data management, data set, datacite, dcc, doi, foi, framework, higher education, identifier, infrastructure, jisc, oais, repositories, research, social networks, university of oxford, wiki

OAI-ORE, PRESERV2 and Digital Preservation

Sally Rumsey and Ben O'Steen describe OAI-ORE and how it can contribute to digital preservation activities.

issue57 October 2008

aggregation, archives, brii, curation, data, data management, data mining, dcmi, digital preservation, digital record object identification, digital repositories, dissemination, droid, dspace, eprints, fedora commons, framework, identifier, infrastructure, institutional repository, interoperability, jisc, metadata, oai, oai-ore, oai-pmh, ontologies, open archives initiative, preserv, preservation, provenance, rdf, repositories, research, resource description, search technology, semantic web, software, standards, the national archives, university of oxford, uri, url, video, vocabularies, web browser, web resources, web storage, xml

Book Review: The Institutional Repository

Sally Rumsey recommends a new book about institutional repositories.

issue47 April 2006

archives, cataloguing, copyright, digital library, digital preservation, dspace, electronic theses, higher education, identifier, institutional repository, internet explorer, interoperability, learning objects, london school of economics, metadata, mets, open access, open source, preservation, repomman, repositories, research, software, standards, university of hull

Exam Papers Online

Sally Rumsey on an innovative system for providing electronic access to examination papers.

issue26 January 2001

adobe, copyright, data, dissemination, dublin core, ftp, identifier, internet explorer, interoperability, java, jisc, metadata, research, schema, standardisation, standards, university of surrey, url, xml, xml schema

Tolimac: 'Smart Card People Are Happy People'

Sally Rumsey explains a pilot electronic document delivery service at the University of Surrey Library.

issue20 June 1999

access control, adobe, authentication, cataloguing, copyright, database, internet explorer, privacy, research, search technology, university of surrey
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