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SUNCAT: Ten Years and Beyond

issue73 feature article

E-Archiving: An Overview of Some Repository Management Software Tools

issue43 feature article

Installing Shibboleth

issue43 tooled up

Building Open Source Communities: 4th OSS Watch Conference

issue44 event report

Putting the Library Into the Institution: Using JSR 168 and WSRP to Enable Search Within Portal Frameworks

issue45 feature article

QMSearch: A Quality Metrics-aware Search Framework

issue47 feature article

Introducing UnAPI

issue48 feature article

News and Events

issue49 news and events

Web Curator Tool

issue50 feature article

Software Choice: Decision-making in a Mixed Economy

issue42 feature article

News and Events

issue41 news and events

DSpace Vs. ETD-db: Choosing Software to Manage Electronic Theses and Dissertations

issue38 feature article

Through the Web Authoring Tools

issue39 tooled up

At the Event: The EPrints UK Workshop

issue39 event report

News and Events

issue39 news and events

Cornucopia: An Open Collection Description Service

issue40 feature article

Support Models for Open Source Deployment

issue40 event report

News and Events

issue40 news and events

The Tapir: Adding E-Theses Functionality to DSpace

issue41 feature article

Take a Peek Beneath the EPrints V3 Wrappers

issue50 event report

News and Events

issue50 news and events


issue67 feature article

UK Reading Experience Database

issue67 event report

Moving Ariadne: Migrating and Enriching Content with Drupal

issue69 tooled up

The Second British Library DataCite Workshop

issue69 event report

CURATEcamp iPres 2012

issue70 event report

Hydra UK: Flexible Repository Solutions to Meet Varied Needs

issue70 event report

Developing a Prototype Library WebApp for Mobile Devices

issue71 tooled up

Improving Evaluation of Resources through Injected Feedback Surveys

issue71 tooled up

Institutional Web Management Workshop 2010

issue64 event report

The Future of Interoperability and Standards in Education: A JISC CETIS Event

issue62 event report

Towards Virtualisation: A New Approach in Server Management

issue51 feature article

What Is an Open Repository?

issue51 event report

SWORD: Simple Web-service Offering Repository Deposit

issue54 feature article

News and Events

issue56 news and events

Book Review: Website Optimization

issue57 review

NSF Workshop on Cyberinfrastructure Software Sustainability

issue59 event report

UK Institutional Repository Search: Innovation and Discovery

issue61 feature article

Book Review: Ajax in Oracle JDeveloper

issue61 review

DAEDALUS: Initial Experiences With EPrints and DSpace at the University of Glasgow

issue37 feature article


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