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Immaculate Catalogues, Indexes and Monsters Too...

issue49 event report

IMPACT Conference: Optical Character Recognition in Mass Digitisation

issue59 event report

IMPACT Final Conference 2011

issue68 event report

IMPEL2: What Is eLib Doing to Us All?

issue4 project update

Implementing Ex Libris's PRIMO at the University of East Anglia

issue55 feature article

Improving Communications Within JISC through News Aggregation

issue41 feature article

Improving DSpace@OSU With a Usability Study of the ET/D Submission Process

issue45 tooled up

IMS Workshop

issue20 event report

In Vision: The Internet As a Resource for Visually Impaired People

issue24 feature article

Indian Ocean Rim Region Virtual Library Project

issue9 project update


issue8 feature article


issue6 feature article

Information Landscapes

issue16 event report

Information Skills and the DNER: The INHALE Project

issue28 feature article

InfoSeek Ultra: (Yet Another) Web Search Engine

issue5 regular column

Institutional Challenges in the Data Decade

issue67 event report

Institutional Repositories and Their 'Other' Users: Usability Beyond Authors

issue52 feature article

Instructional Management Systems

issue19 feature article

Integrating Journal Back Files Into an Existing Electronic Environment

issue56 feature article

Integration and Impact: The JISC Annual Conference

issue44 event report

Intelligent Searching Agents on the Web

issue7 regular column

Interface Miriam Drake: A Rainy Night in Georgia?

issue6 regular column

Interface: Dennis Nicholson

issue10 regular column

Interface: Les Carr Interview

issue7 regular column

International Digital Curation Conference 2010

issue66 event report

Internet Archaeology

issue3 project update

Internet Librarian International Conference 2010

issue65 event report

Internet Resources for Older People

issue14 feature article

Intranet Management: Divine Comedy or Strategic Imperative?

issue62 feature article


issue6 tooled up

Introducing UnAPI

issue48 feature article

Intute Integration

issue55 feature article

Intute Reflections at the End of an Era

issue64 feature article

Intute: The New Best of the Web

issue48 feature article

Involving Users in the Development of a Web Accessibility Tool

issue44 feature article

IPL: The Internet Public Library

issue7 feature article

ISBN-13: New Number on the Block

issue41 feature article

IT for Me: Getting Personal in South Yorkshire Public Libraries

issue39 feature article

IWMW 2006: Quality Matters

issue48 event report

JISC and SURF International Workshop on Electronic Theses

issue46 event report


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