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Delivering Open Access: From Promise to Practice

issue46 feature article

Developing the Capability and Skills to Support EResearch

issue55 feature article

Development of Digital Libraries for Blind and Visually Impaired People

issue30 event report

Digital Curation and Preservation: Defining the Research Agenda for the Next Decade

issue46 event report

Digital Curation: Digital Archives, Libraries and e-Science Seminar

issue30 event report

Digital Developments Amidst the Tulips and Windmills

issue29 event report

Digital Libraries '97

issue11 event report

Digital Libraries in China

issue33 event report

Digital Lives: Report of Interviews With the Creators of Personal Digital Collections

issue55 feature article

Digitization: Do We Have a Strategy?

issue30 feature article

Digitizing Intellectual Property: The Oxford Scoping Study

issue22 feature article

Distributed Services Registry Workshop

issue45 event report

Down Your Way

issue17 regular column

Down Your Way: University of Abertay Dundee Library

issue18 regular column

DSpace Vs. ETD-db: Choosing Software to Manage Electronic Theses and Dissertations

issue38 feature article

E-Archiving: An Overview of Some Repository Management Software Tools

issue43 feature article

E-Books for Students: EBONI

issue27 feature article

e-Books for the Future: Here but Hiding?

issue49 feature article

e-Framework Implements New Workplan

issue59 feature article

eBank UK: Building the Links Between Research Data, Scholarly Communication and Learning

issue36 feature article

Ebooks in UK Libraries: Where Are We Now?

issue37 feature article

eBooks: Tipping or Vanishing Point?

issue62 feature article

ECDL 2004: A Digital Librarian's Report

issue41 event report

ECDL 2007

issue53 event report

ECDL-2003 Conference Notes

issue37 event report

ECDL-2003 Web Archiving

issue37 event report

ECDL2004: 4th International Web Archiving Workshop, September 2004

issue41 event report

ECLAP 2013: Information Technologies for Performing Arts, Media Access and Entertainment

issue71 event report

ECMS: Electronic Copyright Management Systems

issue20 feature article

ECMS: Technology Issues and Electronic Copyright Management Systems

issue21 feature article

Editorial Introduction to Ariadne Issue 39: Humanity V Technology, Which Is in the Driving Seat?

issue39 editorial

Editorial Introduction to Issue 22: Ariadne's Thread

issue22 editorial

Editorial Introduction to Issue 24: Plumbing the Digital Library

issue24 editorial

Editorial Introduction to Issue 25: Beyond the Web Site

issue25 editorial

Editorial Introduction to Issue 26: New Landscapes

issue26 editorial

Editorial Introduction to Issue 27: The Digital Library Jigsaw

issue27 editorial

Editorial Introduction to Issue 28: Ariadne's Thread

issue28 editorial

Editorial Introduction to Issue 29: Key Technologies for the Development of the Digital Library

issue29 editorial

Editorial Introduction to Issue 32: The Grid -The Web Twenty Years On?

issue32 editorial

Editorial Introduction to Issue 33: Exploring the Information Environment

issue33 editorial


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