Overview of content related to 'digital library'

Title Issue number Article type

York Information Connections: An Attempt to Catalogue the Internet

issue11 review

Knight's Tale: The Hybrid Library - Books and Bytes

issue11 regular column

Metadata Corner: Naming Names - Metadata Registries

issue11 regular column

Conference Goes One Step Beyond

issue11 event report

Digital Libraries '97

issue11 event report


issue11 event report

Public Libraries Corner: Soul and Song

issue12 regular column

The British Library's Digital Libraries Programme

issue13 feature article

Newsline: News You Can Use

issue13 news and events

The Horse That Isn't There: 1997 US Digital Libraries Initiative Meeting

issue10 event report

Metadata Corner: Working Meeting on Electronic Records Research

issue10 regular column

Public Libraries Corner: Stories from the Web

issue10 regular column

Australian Co-operative Digitisation Project, 1840-45

issue8 project update

Beyond the Beginning: The Global Digital Library

issue8 event report


issue8 event report

Survey Results

issue8 editorial

The Future of Digitising at the State Library of Victoria, Australia

issue9 project update

Extending Metadata for Digital Preservation

issue9 tooled up

Web Editorial: Goodbyeee

issue10 editorial

Press Release – JISC / Caul Collaboration Agreement

issue10 feature article

Setting Priorities for Digital Library Research

issue10 feature article

A Digital Library Showcase and Support Service - the Berkeley Digital Library SunSITE

issue10 review

Metadata Corner: CrossROADS and Interoperability

issue14 regular column

Exploring Charging Models for Digital Cultural Heritage

issue34 feature article

Book Review: Annual Review of Information Science and Technology, Volume 36

issue36 review

Unicode and Historic Scripts

issue37 feature article

Delivering OAI Records As RSS: An IMesh Toolkit Module for Facilitating Resource Sharing

issue37 feature article

Ebooks in UK Libraries: Where Are We Now?

issue37 feature article

Experiences of Harvesting Web Resources in Engineering Using Automatic Classification

issue37 feature article

Planet SOSIG

issue37 regular column

Web Focus: Widening the Focus for the Future

issue37 tooled up

The JISC 5/99 Programme: What's in a Number?

issue38 feature article

Improving the Quality of Metadata in Eprint Archives

issue38 feature article

The Portole Project: Supporting E-learning

issue38 feature article

Newsline: News You Can Use

issue36 news and events

Metadata Wanted for the Evanescent Library

issue36 event report

News from BIOME

issue36 regular column

The 2nd Workshop on the Open Archives Initiative (OAI)

issue34 event report

Hidden Treasures: The Impact of Moving Image and Sound Archives in the 21st Century

issue34 event report

The Personalisation of the Digital Library

issue34 event report


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