Overview of content related to 'digitisation'

Title Issue number Article type

Digitizing Intellectual Property: The Oxford Scoping Study

issue22 feature article

ALISS: Academic Librarians in the Social Sciences

issue21 event report


issue14 event report

View from the Hill: Mel Collier

issue14 regular column

Public Libraries Corner: Soul and Song

issue12 regular column

British Library Corner: Setting Priorities for Digital Library Research, The Beginnings of a Process?

issue6 regular column


issue6 project update


issue6 feature article


issue5 review

Libtech 96

issue5 event report

The SURF Foundation

issue5 project update

The International Institute for Electronic Library Research: A New Kid on the Block

issue5 project update


issue5 project update

Libtech '96: eLib goes to Libtech '96

issue4 project update

ILEJ: Internet Library of Early Journals

issue4 project update

Public Libraries Corner: Internet Activity in Public Libraries

issue3 regular column

Short Loan Projects

issue3 feature article

Copyright Corner

issue2 regular column

Electronic Libraries Programme (eLib) Update

issue2 feature article

Data Archive at the University of Essex

issue7 project update

SETIS: Electronic Texts at the University of Sydney Library

issue8 project update

Libtech '97

issue11 event report


issue11 event report

Parallel Publishing for Transactions (PPT)

issue11 project update


issue11 project update

View from the Hill: Chris Zielinski

issue10 regular column


issue10 project update

Copyright Management Technologies: The Key to Unlocking Digital Works?

issue10 feature article


issue9 project update

MIDRIB: Beyond Clip Art for Medicine

issue9 feature article

Survey Results

issue8 editorial

eLib and Telematics: Projects and Partnerships

issue8 event report

Down Your Way: The Natural History Museum

issue8 regular column

Australian Co-operative Digitisation Project, 1840-45

issue8 project update

Preserving Oral History Recordings

issue8 project update

eLib Starts to Deliver

issue1 feature article

Public Libraries: Lights Out and Silver Boots on

issue27 regular column

C21st Curation Summer 2005 Public Lecture Series

issue46 event report

Recasting the Past: Digital Histories

issue42 event report

Tracing Help With Copyright: New AHDS Case Studies on Copyright Issues

issue42 feature article


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