Overview of content related to 'digitisation'

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23rd International CODATA Conference

issue70 event report

A Policy Context: eLib and the Emergence of the Subject Gateways

issue25 feature article

A Research Revolution: The Impact of Digital Technologies

issue62 feature article

ACM / IEEE Joint Conference on Digital Libraries

issue29 event report


issue9 project update

Adding Value to the National Information Infrastructure: The EDINA Exchange Day, Edinburgh

issue40 event report

After eLib

issue26 feature article

After the Big Bang: The Forces of Change and E-Learning

issue27 feature article

ALISS: Academic Librarians in the Social Sciences

issue21 event report

An Attack on Professionalism and Scholarship? Democratising Archives and the Production of Knowledge

issue62 feature article

An Awfully Big Adventure: Strathclyde's Digital Library Plan

issue58 feature article

Ancient Cultures Inside Modern Universes

issue54 feature article

Architects of the Information Age

issue29 feature article

Archives 2.0: If We Build It, Will They Come?

issue60 feature article

Augmented Reality in Education: The SCARLET+ Experience

issue71 feature article

Australian Co-operative Digitisation Project, 1840-45

issue8 project update

Automating Harvest and Ingest of the Medical Heritage Library

issue73 feature article

Balancing Stakeholder Needs: Archive 2.0 As Community-centred Design

issue63 feature article

Blue Ribbon Task Force Symposium on Sustainable Digital Preservation and Access

issue64 event report


issue14 event report


issue19 event report

Book Review: Digital Information - Order Or Anarchy?

issue64 review

Book Review: Digital Information Culture

issue55 review

Book Review: Envisioning Future Academic Library Services

issue67 review

Book Review: Fundamentals of Collection Development and Management

issue73 review

Book Review: Information 2.0

issue70 review

Book Review: Making Digital Cultures - Access, Interactivity, and Authenticity

issue59 review

Book Review: Preparing Collections for Digitization

issue67 review

Book Review: The Accidental Systems Librarian

issue37 review

Book Review: The Art of Community - Building the New Age of Participation

issue64 review

Book Review: The Cambridge History of Libraries in Britain and Ireland

issue53 review

Book Review: The Future of Archives and Recordkeeping

issue68 review

Book Review: The Information Society - A Study of Continuity and Change

issue71 review

Book Reviews: Digital Information and Knowledge Management, and Print Vs. Digital

issue54 review

Bringing Coherence to Networked Information for the New Century

issue24 event report

British Library Corner: Setting Priorities for Digital Library Research, The Beginnings of a Process?

issue6 regular column


issue11 event report

C21st Curation Spring 2006 Public Lecture Series

issue48 event report

C21st Curation Summer 2005 Public Lecture Series

issue46 event report

Can We Save Our Audio-visual Heritage?

issue39 feature article


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