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EduLib: The National Network of Electronic Library Accredited Trainers

issue1 project update


issue9 project update

EEVL: 'Not a Success'

issue21 regular column

Electronic Access: Archives in the New Millennium

issue16 event report

Electronic Publication of Ancient Near Eastern Texts

issue22 feature article

Electronic Resource Creation and Management at Scottish Universities

issue14 project update

Electronic Theses and Dissertations: A Strategy for the UK

issue32 feature article

EMTACL12 (Emerging Technologies in Academic Libraries)

issue70 event report

Engaging Researchers with Social Media Tools: 25 Research Things@Huddersfield

issue71 feature article

Enhancing Collaboration and Interaction in a Post-graduate Research Programme

issue69 feature article

eResearch Australasia 2008

issue57 event report

ERPANET / CODATA Workshop, Lisbon

issue39 event report

eSciDoc Days 2011: The Challenges for Collaborative eResearch Environments

issue68 event report

Establishing a Digital Library Centre

issue29 feature article

EThOS: from Project to Service

issue59 feature article

European Libraries Programme

issue5 project update

Europeana Open Culture 2010

issue65 event report

Europeana: An Infrastructure for Adding Local Content

issue57 feature article

Evaluation of Assessment Diaries and GradeMark at the University of Glamorgan

issue69 feature article

eVALUEd: An Evaluation Model for e-Library Developments

issue31 feature article

Exam Papers Online

issue26 feature article

Fedora Users Conference

issue48 event report

Formats for the Electronic Library

issue8 feature article

From MERCI to DESIRE: European Digital Library Projects

issue8 tooled up

Get Tooled Up: Staying Connected: Technologies Supporting Remote Workers

issue57 feature article

Googlepository and the University Library

issue53 feature article

GROW: Building a High-quality Civil Engineering Learning Object Repository and Portal

issue49 feature article

Hita-Hita: Open Access and Institutional Repositories in Japan Ten Years On

issue71 feature article

Hold It, Hold It ... Start Again: The Perils of Project Video Production

issue51 feature article

How to Publish Data Using Overlay Journals: The OJIMS Project

issue61 feature article

Hydra UK: Flexible Repository Solutions to Meet Varied Needs

issue70 event report


issue13 project update

ILRT: The Institute for Learning and Research Technology

issue6 project update

IMPACT Final Conference 2011

issue68 event report

Indian Ocean Rim Region Virtual Library Project

issue9 project update

Institutional Repositories for Creative and Applied Arts Research: The Kultur Project

issue60 feature article

Instructional Management Systems

issue19 feature article

Integration and Impact: The JISC Annual Conference

issue44 event report

International Conference on Theory and Practice of Digital Libraries (TPDL) 2012

issue70 event report

Internet Librarian International Conference 2010

issue65 event report


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