Overview of content related to 'dissemination'

Title Issue number Article type

Repository Fringe 2010

issue65 event report

Retooling Libraries for the Data Challenge

issue64 feature article

Intute Reflections at the End of an Era

issue64 feature article

Trove: Innovation in Access to Information in Australia

issue64 feature article

News and Events

issue59 news and events

Digitizing Intellectual Property: The Oxford Scoping Study

issue22 feature article

A National Co-ordinating Body for Digital Archiving?

issue15 feature article


issue14 event report

View from the Hill: Mel Collier

issue14 regular column

Electronic Resource Creation and Management at Scottish Universities

issue14 project update


issue13 project update

The British Library's Digital Libraries Programme

issue13 feature article

View from the Hill: David VandeLinde

issue12 regular column

Metadata Corner: DC5 - the Search for Santa

issue12 regular column

Are Print Journals Dinosaurs?

issue12 feature article

Theses Unbound

issue11 feature article

Setting Priorities for Digital Library Research

issue10 feature article

Indian Ocean Rim Region Virtual Library Project

issue9 project update


issue9 project update


issue15 project update

Electronic Access: Archives in the New Millennium

issue16 event report

View from the Hill: Mark Clark

issue17 regular column

Electronic Publication of Ancient Near Eastern Texts

issue22 feature article

EEVL: 'Not a Success'

issue21 regular column

ECMS: Technology Issues and Electronic Copyright Management Systems

issue21 feature article

The Scholarly Journal in Transition and the PubMed Central Proposal

issue21 feature article

Bibliotecas Universitarias Consorcio

issue20 event report

Public Libraries: Virtual Library - False Dawn?

issue20 regular column

Planet SOSIG

issue20 regular column

Instructional Management Systems

issue19 feature article

SEAMLESS: Introduction to the Project

issue19 feature article


issue18 event report

CATRIONA II Management Survey

issue18 project update

Knowledge Management

issue18 feature article

What Are Document Management Systems?

issue17 regular column


issue9 project update

The NHS, the Internet and Libraries: The NHS Anglia and Oxford Internet Project

issue9 feature article

ILRT: The Institute for Learning and Research Technology

issue6 project update

British Library Corner: Text and the Internet

issue5 regular column


issue5 review


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