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Towards Library Groupware With Personalised Link Routing

issue40 feature article

Book Review: Extreme Searchers' Internet Handbook

issue39 review

Search Engines: The Google Backlash

issue39 regular column

EEVL News: EEVL, VLEs, Institutional and Library Portals

issue39 regular column

Public Libraries: The Changing Face of the Public Library

issue39 regular column

Towards the Digital Aquifer: Introducing the Common Information Environment

issue39 feature article

Towards a User-Centred Approach to Digital Libraries

issue38 event report

The OpenURL and OpenURL Framework: Demystifying Link Resolution

issue38 tooled up

Search Engines: The Year 2003 in Perspective

issue38 regular column

The Portole Project: Supporting E-learning

issue38 feature article

Search Engines: Would All New Search Engines Take One Step Forward!

issue37 regular column

Experiences of Harvesting Web Resources in Engineering Using Automatic Classification

issue37 feature article

Delivering OAI Records As RSS: An IMesh Toolkit Module for Facilitating Resource Sharing

issue37 feature article

Review: Naked in Cyberspace

issue36 review

Book Review: Annual Review of Information Science and Technology, Volume 36

issue36 review

WebWatch: An Update on Search Engines Used in UK University Web Sites

issue36 regular column

Public Libraries: Weblogs: Do They Belong in Libraries?

issue40 regular column

EEVL News: What EEVL Users Really Want

issue40 regular column

Search Engines: A Mixed Bag - A Review of Some New Search Engines

issue40 regular column

Search Engines: Using the Right Search Engine at the Right Time

issue43 regular column

E-Archiving: An Overview of Some Repository Management Software Tools

issue43 feature article

Opening Up OpenURLs with Autodiscovery

issue43 feature article

Hyper Clumps, Mini Clumps and National Catalogues: Resource Discovery for the 21st Century

issue42 event report

Looking for a Google Box?

issue42 tooled up

Search Engines: No Longer about Search

issue42 regular column

Editorial Introduction to Issue 42: Less Could Mean More

issue42 editorial

Sense of the South West Conference: Collaboration for Sustainability

issue41 event report

ECDL2004: 4th International Web Archiving Workshop, September 2004

issue41 event report

Search Engines: New and Developing Search Engines

issue41 regular column

How the Use of Standards Is Transforming Australian Digital Libraries

issue41 feature article

Developing Portal Services and Evaluating How Users Want to Use Them: The CREE Project

issue41 feature article

Book Review: Being an Information Innovator

issue68 review

News and Events

issue40 news and events

Adding Value to the National Information Infrastructure: The EDINA Exchange Day, Edinburgh

issue40 event report

World Wide Web Conference 2004

issue40 event report

PALS Conference: Institutional Repositories and Their Impact on Publishing

issue40 event report

Search Engines: Weblog Search Engines

issue36 regular column

Framework for the Future: Access to Digital Skills and Services (Including e-Government)

issue36 regular column

Search Engines

issue31 regular column

Web Watch: An Update On Search Engines Used In UK Universities

issue30 tooled up


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