Overview of content related to 'intellectual property'

Title Issue number Article type

Online Repositories for Learning Materials: The User Perspective

issue45 feature article

Copyright Corner

issue2 regular column

CATRIONA II Management Survey

issue18 project update

Knowledge Management

issue18 feature article

What Are XLink and Xpointer?

issue16 tooled up

Task Force Meeting

issue14 event report

What Is RDF?

issue14 regular column

Search Engines Corner: Meta-search Engines

issue14 regular column

Newsline: News You Can Use

issue12 news and events

Minotaur: We Must Not Be Driven by IT

issue12 regular column

SEAMLESS: Introduction to the Project

issue19 feature article

Instructional Management Systems

issue19 feature article

Interoperability: What Is It and Why Should I Want It?

issue24 feature article

Metadata for Digital Preservation: An Update

issue22 regular column

Digitizing Intellectual Property: The Oxford Scoping Study

issue22 feature article

Electronic Publication of Ancient Near Eastern Texts

issue22 feature article

An Overview of Subject Gateway Activities in Australia

issue21 feature article

ECMS: Electronic Copyright Management Systems

issue20 feature article


issue19 event report

Metadata: Image Retrieval

issue19 regular column

Conference Goes One Step Beyond

issue11 event report

Web Focus: Technical Aspects of Copyright and the Web

issue10 regular column

Creating Models for Electronic Citations

issue7 feature article

Copyright Battles: The Shetland News

issue6 regular column

ILRT: The Institute for Learning and Research Technology

issue6 project update

Copyright Info on the Net

issue5 regular column


issue4 regular column

Cashing in on Caching

issue4 tooled up

Charging Ahead?

issue4 feature article

Copyright Corner

issue3 regular column

Print Journals: Fit for the Future?

issue7 feature article

Controlling Access in the Electronic Library

issue7 tooled up

View from the Hill: Chris Zielinski

issue10 regular column

A Digital Library Showcase and Support Service - the Berkeley Digital Library SunSITE

issue10 review

Press Release – JISC / Caul Collaboration Agreement

issue10 feature article

Metadata, PICS and Quality

issue9 tooled up

Beyond the Beginning: The Global Digital Library

issue8 event report

Monash University Electronic Reserve Project

issue8 project update

Copyright Issues in Projects Funded by the Electronic Libraries Programme

issue7 regular column

The British Libraries Private Finance Initiative

issue7 regular column


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