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Public Libraries: Managing the Virtual Branch

issue26 event report

DAEDALUS: Initial Experiences With EPrints and DSpace at the University of Glasgow

issue37 feature article

The JISC 5/99 Programme: What's in a Number?

issue38 feature article

The Portole Project: Supporting E-learning

issue38 feature article

DSpace Vs. ETD-db: Choosing Software to Manage Electronic Theses and Dissertations

issue38 feature article

WebWatch: How Accessible Are Australian University Web Sites?

issue38 regular column

OSS Inaugural Conference: Open Source Deployment and Development

issue38 event report

Through the Web Authoring Tools

issue39 tooled up

Web Focus: Towards Library Groupware With Personalised Link Routing

issue39 tooled up

At the Event: The EPrints UK Workshop

issue39 event report

Cornucopia: An Open Collection Description Service

issue40 feature article

Support Models for Open Source Deployment

issue40 event report

The Tapir: Adding E-Theses Functionality to DSpace

issue41 feature article

Developing Portal Services and Evaluating How Users Want to Use Them: The CREE Project

issue41 feature article

Virtual Rooms, Real Meetings

issue41 tooled up

Hyper Clumps, Mini Clumps and National Catalogues: Resource Discovery for the 21st Century

issue42 event report

E-Archiving: An Overview of Some Repository Management Software Tools

issue43 feature article

What Are Your Terms?

issue43 feature article

An IMS Generator for the Masses

issue36 feature article

Six MLEs: More Similar Than Different

issue36 feature article

NT Explorer

issue26 tooled up

Newsline: News You Can Use

issue27 news and events

Information Skills and the DNER: The INHALE Project

issue28 feature article

Subject Portals

issue29 feature article

ACM / IEEE Joint Conference on Digital Libraries

issue29 event report

Content Management Systems: Who Needs Them?

issue30 feature article

The Concept of the Portal

issue30 feature article

EEVL-ution to a Portal

issue31 regular column

Web Focus: Guidelines for URI Naming Policies

issue31 tooled up

The Evolution of an Institutional E-prints Archive at the University of Glasgow

issue32 feature article

UM.Sitemaker: Flexible Web Publishing for Academic Users

issue32 tooled up

Portals, Portals Everywhere

issue33 event report

Access Management: The Key to a Portal - The Experience of the Subject Portals Project

issue35 feature article

What Features in a Portal?

issue35 feature article

Free Full-text E-journals and EEVL's Engineering E-journal Search Engine

issue35 regular column

Web Focus: A Standards-Based Culture for Web Site Development

issue35 tooled up

WebWatch: Surfing Historical UK University Web Sites

issue35 tooled up

10th CETIS-TechDis Accessibility Special Interest Group Meeting

issue43 event report

Virtual Research Environments: Overview and Activity

issue44 feature article

Evaluating Web Sites for Accessibility With Firefox

issue44 tooled up


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