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The History of History

issue12 project update

The Information Environment Service Registry: Promoting the Use of Electronic Resources

issue40 feature article

The Information Grid

issue32 event report

The Institutional Web Management Workshop (IWMW) 2012

issue69 event report

The Institutional Web Management Workshop 2004

issue41 event report

The Intellectual Property Rights Workshop

issue36 event report

The JIBS Workshop on Resource/Reading List Software - the Reality

issue41 event report

The JISC 5/99 Programme: What's in a Number?

issue38 feature article

The JISC Annual Conference 2007

issue51 event report

The JISC Information Environment and Web Services

issue31 feature article

The JISC User Behaviour Monitoring and Evaluation Framework

issue30 feature article

The JOIN-UP Programme: Seminar on Linking Technologies

issue28 event report

The Librarian's Information Literacy Annual Conference (LILAC) 2008

issue55 event report

The Librarians' Information Literacy Annual Conference (LILAC) 2009

issue59 event report

The LIPARM Project: A New Approach to Parliamentary Metadata

issue70 feature article

The MrCute Repository: The Next Phase

issue58 feature article

The National Centre for Text Mining: A Vision for the Future

issue53 feature article

The National Centre for Text Mining: Aims and Objectives

issue42 feature article

The National Internet Accessibility Database (NIAD)

issue22 regular column

The Personalisation of the Digital Library

issue34 event report

The Portole Project: Supporting E-learning

issue38 feature article

The REMAP Project: Steps Towards a Repository-enabled Information Environment

issue59 feature article

The ResIDe Electronic Library: An Evolving Library Service

issue22 feature article

The RoMEO Project: Protecting Metadata in an Open Access Environment

issue36 feature article

The RSP Goes 'Back to School'

issue61 event report

The Rustle of Digital Curation: The JISC Annual Conference

issue47 event report

The Scholarly Journal in Transition and the PubMed Central Proposal

issue21 feature article

The Second Digital Repositories Programme Meeting

issue47 event report

The Second Life of UK Academics

issue53 feature article

The Tapir: Adding E-Theses Functionality to DSpace

issue41 feature article

The Tasks of the AHDS: Ten Years on

issue48 feature article

The Technical Advisory Service for Images (TASI)

issue18 feature article

The Web Editor: 'Abzu and Beyond'

issue21 regular column

The Wellcome Library, Digital

issue71 feature article

Theses Unbound

issue11 feature article

Through the Web Authoring Tools

issue39 tooled up

Ticer Summer School on the Digital Library at Tilburg University, The Netherlands

issue6 event report

Tiny TV: Streaming Video on the Web

issue22 feature article

TLTP: Teaching and Learning Technology Programme

issue4 project update

To VRE Or Not to VRE?: Do South African Malaria Researchers Need a Virtual Research Environment?

issue59 feature article


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