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Extending Metadata for Digital Preservation

issue9 tooled up

Fast-Forward on the Green Road to Open Access: The Case Against Mixing Up Green and Gold

issue42 feature article

Fedora UK & Ireland / EU Joint User Group Meeting

issue62 event report

Fedora Users Conference

issue48 event report

Filling Institutional Repositories: Practical Strategies from the DAEDALUS Project

issue39 feature article

Finding Someplace to Go: Reading and the Internet

issue43 feature article

First Impressions of Ex Libris's Metalib: Talking about a Revolution?

issue32 feature article

Folksonomies: The Fall and Rise of Plain-text Tagging

issue47 feature article

Framework for the Future: Access to Digital Skills and Services (Including e-Government)

issue36 regular column

From Cultural Heritage to Digital Knowledge: Building Infrastructures for a Global Knowledge Society

issue59 event report

From Link Rot to Web Sanctuary: Creating the Digital Educational Resource Archive (DERA)

issue67 feature article

From Nought to a Thousand: The HUSCAP Project

issue49 feature article

Functionality in Digital Annotation: Imitating and Supporting Real-world Annotation

issue35 feature article

Further Experiences in Collecting Born Digital Archives at the Wellcome Library

issue53 feature article

Future-Proofing the Past: LAI Joint Conference 2008

issue55 event report

Get Tooled Up: SeeAlso: A Simple Linkserver Protocol

issue57 feature article

Gold Open Access: Counting the Costs

issue70 feature article

Googlepository and the University Library

issue53 feature article

GROW: Building a High-quality Civil Engineering Learning Object Repository and Portal

issue49 feature article

Handling MARC With PERL

issue7 tooled up

Handshake Session at International Repositories Infrastructure Workshop, Amsterdam

issue59 event report

Hidden Treasures: The Impact of Moving Image and Sound Archives in the 21st Century

issue34 event report

Hita-Hita: Open Access and Institutional Repositories in Japan Ten Years On

issue71 feature article

How the Use of Standards Is Transforming Australian Digital Libraries

issue41 feature article

How to Publish Data Using Overlay Journals: The OJIMS Project

issue61 feature article

Hybrid Libraries

issue18 feature article

Hydra UK: Flexible Repository Solutions to Meet Varied Needs

issue70 event report

Hyper Clumps, Mini Clumps and National Catalogues: Resource Discovery for the 21st Century

issue42 event report

I Say What I Mean, but Do I Mean What I Say?

issue23 feature article

IFLA World Library and Information Congress 2012

issue70 event report

Image 'Quotation' Using the C.I.T.E. Architecture

issue67 feature article

Immaculate Catalogues, Indexes and Monsters Too...

issue49 event report

IMPACT Final Conference 2011

issue68 event report

Implementing E-Legal Deposit: A British Library Perspective

issue57 feature article

Implementing Ex Libris's PRIMO at the University of East Anglia

issue55 feature article

Improving DSpace@OSU With a Usability Study of the ET/D Submission Process

issue45 tooled up

Improving Evaluation of Resources through Injected Feedback Surveys

issue71 tooled up

Improving the Quality of Metadata in Eprint Archives

issue38 feature article

IMS Workshop

issue20 event report

In Vision: The Internet As a Resource for Visually Impaired People

issue24 feature article


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