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This project is part of the Enhancing JISC data services for Teaching and Learning project cluster in this particular programme. Projects in this cluster are aimed at improving access to and accessibility of JISC resources in support of learning and teaching. Facilitating Access to Information on Learning Technology for Engineers FAILTE will address the first question that many Engineering academics ask when they investigate using computer-based learning resources for courses they teach, namely: What is available that is suitable for this subject at this level? FAILTE is a partnership between the Institute for Computer-Based Learning and the Library at Heriot-Watt University and the faculty of Engineering at Loughborough University. The partners bring to the project relevant experiences in the fields of Web-based resource discovery, learning and teaching and evaluation of computer-based learning materials as applied to Engineering and experience from the following initiatives: EEVL: The Guide to Engineering, Mathematics and Computing information on the Internet, EEVL is part of the JISC-funded Resource Discovery Network which aims to provide access to high quality Internet resources EASEIT-Eng : Evaluative and Advisory Support to Encourage Innovative Teaching in Engineering LTSN Engineering: The Learning and Teaching Support Network subject centre for Engineering Aims and Objectives FAILTE is working to: Provide Engineering lecturers with a resource (database and related services) that will allow them to identify computer-based materials suitable for their courses Provide access to independently produced reviews and other information to help them choose the most suitable of these materials Allow access to the materials themselves or the Web page of the provider of that resource. This will be offered as a fully integrated part of EEVL and LTSN Engineering. Project start date: 2000-08-01. Project end date: 2002-01-01. (Excerpt from this source)

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What Do Application Profiles Reveal about the Learning Object Metadata Standard?

Jean Godby assesses the customised subsets of metadata elements that have been defined by 35 projects using the LOM standard to describe e-learning resources.

October 2004, issue41, feature article

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