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News and Events

issue50 news and events

The Librarian's Information Literacy Annual Conference (LILAC) 2008

issue55 event report

Libraries of the Future

issue55 event report

Book Review: The Thriving Library

issue55 review

Editorial Introduction to Issue 56: More Light Than Heat

issue56 editorial

The Networked Library Service Layer: Sharing Data for More Effective Management and Cooperation

issue56 feature article

A Desk Too Far?: The Case for Remote Working

issue56 feature article

Being Wired Or Being Tired: 10 Ways to Cope With Information Overload

issue56 feature article

Institutional Web Management Workshop 2008: The Great Debate

issue56 event report

The 2008 Mashed Museum Day and UK Museums on the Web Conference

issue56 event report

News and Events

issue56 news and events

Europeana: An Infrastructure for Adding Local Content

issue57 feature article

A Selection of Social Media Search Engines

issue57 feature article

Embedding Web Preservation Strategies Within Your Institution

issue57 event report

Book Review: Pro Web 2.0 Mashups

issue57 review

dev8D: JISC Developer Happiness Days

issue58 event report

Implementing Ex Libris's PRIMO at the University of East Anglia

issue55 feature article

Intute Integration

issue55 feature article

News and Events

issue54 news and events

Book Review: Digital Libraries - Integrating Content and Systems

issue50 review

Editorial Introduction to Issue 51: Democratising Cultural Heritage

issue51 editorial

Using Blogs for Formative Assessment and Interactive Teaching

issue51 feature article

Search Engines: Why Ask Me, and Does 'X' Mark the Spot?

issue51 feature article

Citeulike: A Researcher's Social Bookmarking Service

issue51 feature article

News and Events

issue51 news and events

Book Review: Blogging and RSS - A Librarian's Guide

issue51 review

The SPP Alerting Portlet: Delivering Personalised Updates

issue52 feature article

24 Hour Museum: From Past to Future

issue52 feature article

Capacity Building: Spoken Word at Glasgow Caledonian University

issue52 feature article

Blogging from the Backroom

issue52 event report

The DARE Chronicle: Open Access to Research Results and Teaching Material in the Netherlands

issue53 feature article

Book Review: Principles of Data Management

issue53 review

Web 2.0 in U.S. LIS Schools: Are They Missing the Boat?

issue54 feature article

Human-powered Search Engines: An Overview and Roundup

issue54 feature article

News and Events

issue58 news and events

The REMAP Project: Steps Towards a Repository-enabled Information Environment

issue59 feature article

Collecting Evidence in a Web 2.0 Context

issue60 feature article

10 Years of Zetoc

issue66 feature article

Book Review: Blogging and RSS - A Librarian's Guide, 2nd Edition

issue66 review

Editorial Introduction to Issue 67: Changes Afoot

issue67 editorial


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