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Book Review: The Librarian's Internet Survival Guide, 2nd Edition

issue48 review

e-Books for the Future: Here but Hiding?

issue49 feature article

Wiki Or Won't He? A Tale of Public Sector Wikis

issue49 feature article

Search Engines: Is Google Building on Shaky Foundations?

issue49 feature article

IWMW 2005

issue44 event report

Web Focus: The WWW 2005 Conference

issue44 tooled up

Search Engines: Google and Search: Some of the Latest Developments

issue44 regular column

An Introduction to the Search/Retrieve URL Service (SRU)

issue40 feature article

The Information Environment Service Registry: Promoting the Use of Electronic Resources

issue40 feature article

Public Libraries: Weblogs: Do They Belong in Libraries?

issue40 regular column

News from BIOME

issue40 regular column

World Wide Web Conference 2004

issue40 event report

Book Review: Net Effects

issue40 review

Improving Communications Within JISC through News Aggregation

issue41 feature article

EEVL News: EEVL Update

issue41 regular column

News and Events

issue41 news and events

Making the Case for a Wiki

issue42 feature article

Beyond Email: Wikis, Blogs and Other Strange Beasts

issue42 event report

Opening Up OpenURLs with Autodiscovery

issue43 feature article


issue43 regular column

News and Events

issue43 news and events

Mobile Blogs, Personal Reflections and Learning Environments: The RAMBLE Project

issue44 feature article

Workshop on E-Research, Digital Repositories and Portals

issue49 event report


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