Overview of content related to 'software'

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Book Review: Understanding Open Source and Free Software Licensing

issue42 review

Book Review: University Libraries and Digital Learning Environments

issue68 review

Book Review: Visualizing Data

issue56 review

Book Review: Web Accessibility

issue56 review

Book Review: Website Optimization

issue57 review

Bring Your Own Policy: Why Accessibility Standards Need to Be Contextually Sensitive

issue71 feature article

British Library Corner: Setting Priorities for Digital Library Research, The Beginnings of a Process?

issue6 regular column

British Library Corner: Text and the Internet

issue5 regular column

Building on BUILDER

issue26 feature article

Building Open Source Communities: 4th OSS Watch Conference

issue44 event report

Building ResourceFinder

issue30 feature article

Building the Info Grid

issue45 event report


issue11 event report

C21st Curation Summer 2005 Public Lecture Series

issue46 event report

Caching In?

issue19 regular column

Can We Save Our Audio-visual Heritage?

issue39 feature article

Capacity Building: Spoken Word at Glasgow Caledonian University

issue52 feature article

Cashing in on Caching

issue4 tooled up

Catalogues for the 21st Century

issue23 event report


issue5 review


issue18 project update

Centre for Database Access Research (CEDAR): The Huddersfield Connection

issue4 project update

Characterising and Preserving Digital Repositories: File Format Profiles

issue66 feature article

CIG Conference 2010: Changes in Cataloguing in 'Interesting Times'

issue65 event report

Citeulike: A Researcher's Social Bookmarking Service

issue51 feature article

Clifford Lynch in Interview

issue10 feature article

Climbing the Scholarly Publishing Mountain With SHERPA

issue33 feature article

Clumps As Catalogues

issue22 feature article

Clumps Come Up Trumps

issue26 feature article

Code4lib 2006

issue47 event report

Collaborations Workshop 2012: Software, Sharing and Collaboration in Oxford

issue68 event report

Collaborative and Social Tagging Networks

issue54 feature article

Collecting Evidence in a Web 2.0 Context

issue60 feature article

Collective Convergence: The Work of the Collection Description Focus

issue29 feature article

Consortium and Site Licensing

issue12 event report

Content Architecture: Exploiting and Managing Diverse Resources

issue60 event report

Content Management Systems: Who Needs Them?

issue30 feature article

Convergence of Electronic Entertainment and Information Systems

issue23 feature article

COPAC: The New Nationally Accessible Union Catalogue

issue8 feature article

Copyright Angst, Lust for Prestige and Cost Control: What Institutions Can Do to Ease Open Access

issue57 feature article


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