Overview of content related to 'standardisation'

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The OpenURL and OpenURL Framework: Demystifying Link Resolution

issue38 tooled up

Digital Policy Management Workshop

issue47 event report

Wiki Or Won't He? A Tale of Public Sector Wikis

issue49 feature article

JISC CETIS Conference, 2006

issue50 event report

News and Events

issue51 news and events

The Video Active Consortium: Europe's Television History Online

issue53 feature article

Metadata for Learning Resources: An Update on Standards Activity for 2008

issue55 feature article

Research Libraries and the Power of the Co-operative

issue55 feature article

The Networked Library Service Layer: Sharing Data for More Effective Management and Cooperation

issue56 feature article

Serving Services in Web 2.0

issue47 feature article

Folksonomies: The Fall and Rise of Plain-text Tagging

issue47 feature article

Editorial Introduction to Issue 47: Keeping What We Know

issue47 editorial

Rights Management and Digital Library Requirements

issue40 feature article

World Wide Web Conference 2004

issue40 event report

News and Events

issue40 news and events

News and Events

issue43 news and events

Web Focus: The WWW 2005 Conference

issue44 tooled up

A Recipe for Cream of Science: Special Content Recruitment for Dutch Institutional Repositories

issue45 feature article

News and Events

issue45 news and events

The (Digital) Library Environment: Ten Years After

issue46 feature article

Persistent Identifiers: Considering the Options

issue56 feature article

The 2008 Mashed Museum Day and UK Museums on the Web Conference

issue56 event report

Europeana: An Infrastructure for Adding Local Content

issue57 feature article

Never Waste a Good Crisis: Innovation and Technology in Institutions

issue66 event report

Metadata and Interoperability in a Complex World

issue37 event report

Delivering Open Educational Resources for Engineering Design

issue68 feature article

Editorial Introduction to Issue 68

issue68 editorial

Editorial Introduction to Issue 70

issue70 editorial

23rd International CODATA Conference

issue70 event report

Bring Your Own Policy: Why Accessibility Standards Need to Be Contextually Sensitive

issue71 feature article

Hita-Hita: Open Access and Institutional Repositories in Japan Ten Years On

issue71 feature article

Retooling Libraries for the Data Challenge

issue64 feature article

News and Events

issue63 news and events

Turning on the Lights for the User: NISO Discovery to Delivery Forum

issue63 event report

The European Film Gateway

issue58 feature article

Spinning a Semantic Web for Metadata: Developments in the IEMSR

issue59 feature article

From Cultural Heritage to Digital Knowledge: Building Infrastructures for a Global Knowledge Society

issue59 event report

The Historic Hospitals Admission Records Project

issue60 feature article

Open Repositories 2009

issue60 event report

eBooks: Tipping or Vanishing Point?

issue62 feature article


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