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From Passive to Active Preservation of Electronic Records

issue65 feature article

Institutional Web Management Workshop 2010

issue64 event report

FRBR in Practice

issue64 feature article

Retooling Libraries for the Data Challenge

issue64 feature article

Volcanic Eruptions Fail to Thwart Digital Preservation - the Planets Way

issue63 event report

Turning on the Lights for the User: NISO Discovery to Delivery Forum

issue63 event report

A Pragmatic Approach to Preferred File Formats for Acquisition

issue63 feature article

Moving Towards Interoperability: Experiences of the Archives Hub

issue63 feature article

Fedora UK & Ireland / EU Joint User Group Meeting

issue62 event report

Abstract Modelling of Digital Identifiers

issue62 feature article

Get Tooled Up: Xerxes at Royal Holloway, University of London

issue62 feature article

Towards a Toolkit for Implementing Application Profiles

issue62 feature article

Book Review: Ajax in Oracle JDeveloper

issue61 review

News and Events

issue61 news and events

Open Repositories 2008

issue56 event report

Editorial Introduction to Issue 30: Centering the Periphery - A New Equity in Information Access?

issue30 editorial

Metadata: Preservation 2000

issue26 event report

Exam Papers Online

issue26 feature article

AGORA: The Hybrid Library from a User's Perspective

issue26 feature article


issue25 event report

XML 2000: New Tools, New Vendors

issue25 event report

Web Focus: Institutional Web Management Workshop - The Joined Up Web

issue25 tooled up

Metadata: Towards the Intelligent Museum

issue25 regular column

ZOPE: Swiss Army Knife for the Web?

issue25 feature article

Application Profiles: Mixing and Matching Metadata Schemas

issue25 feature article

The Klearinghouse: An Inventory of Knowledge Technologies

issue25 feature article

Knowledge Management in the Perseus Digital Library

issue25 feature article

Editorial Introduction to Issue 25: Beyond the Web Site

issue25 editorial

Web Focus: Reflections On WWW9

issue24 tooled up

How the Oxford English Dictionary Went Online

issue24 feature article

Web Focus: The Web On Your Phone and TV

issue26 tooled up

Review of Digital Imaging: A Practical Handbook

issue26 review

Web Focus: HTML is Dead!

issue27 tooled up

Newsline: News You Can Use

issue29 news and events

Developing an Agenda for Institutional E-Print Archives

issue29 event report

ACM / IEEE Joint Conference on Digital Libraries

issue29 event report

Web Focus: Report on the Fifth Institutional Web Management Workshop

issue29 tooled up

Windows NT Explorer: Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP)

issue29 regular column

Collective Convergence: The Work of the Collection Description Focus

issue29 feature article

Architects of the Information Age

issue29 feature article


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