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Web Focus: Report on "Institutional Web Management Next Steps" Workshop

issue21 tooled up

Developing Portal Services and Evaluating How Users Want to Use Them: The CREE Project

issue41 feature article

Looking for a Google Box?

issue42 tooled up

Mobile Blogs, Personal Reflections and Learning Environments: The RAMBLE Project

issue44 feature article

Putting the Library Into the Institution: Using JSR 168 and WSRP to Enable Search Within Portal Frameworks

issue45 feature article

QMSearch: A Quality Metrics-aware Search Framework

issue47 feature article

Serving Services in Web 2.0

issue47 feature article

Introducing UnAPI

issue48 feature article

News and Events

issue51 news and events

KIM Project Conference 2008

issue55 event report

Get Tooled Up: SeeAlso: A Simple Linkserver Protocol

issue57 feature article

How to Publish Data Using Overlay Journals: The OJIMS Project

issue61 feature article

Get Tooled Up: Xerxes at Royal Holloway, University of London

issue62 feature article

Image 'Quotation' Using the C.I.T.E. Architecture

issue67 feature article

An Introduction to the Search/Retrieve URL Service (SRU)

issue40 feature article

Through the Web Authoring Tools

issue39 tooled up

RDN/LTSN Partnerships: Learning Resource Discovery Based on the LOM and the OAI-PMH

issue39 feature article

Web Focus: Reflections On WWW9

issue24 tooled up

XML 2000: New Tools, New Vendors

issue25 event report

Web Focus: The Web On Your Phone and TV

issue26 tooled up

Web Focus: HTML is Dead!

issue27 tooled up

Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG): Vector Graphics for the Web

issue28 feature article

Project GOLD: Supporting Distance Learning Students

issue28 feature article

Web Focus: Report on the Fifth Institutional Web Management Workshop

issue29 tooled up

Content Management Systems: Who Needs Them?

issue30 feature article

WWW2002 Here

issue32 event report

Web Focus: Let's Get Serious about HTML Standards

issue33 tooled up

An IMS Generator for the Masses

issue36 feature article

News from BIOME

issue37 regular column

The Portole Project: Supporting E-learning

issue38 feature article

Automating Harvest and Ingest of the Medical Heritage Library

issue73 feature article
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