Overview of content related to 'information today'

Title Issue number Article type

Evolution of Portable Electronic Books

issue29 feature article

Developing Research Excellence and Methods (DREaM) Project Launch Conference

issue68 event report

Public Library 2.0: Culture Change?

issue64 feature article

Internet Librarian International 2009

issue61 event report

News and Events

issue60 news and events

News and Events

issue59 news and events

Book Review: Computerization Movements and Technology Diffusion

issue55 review

News and Events

issue55 news and events

Fast-Forward on the Green Road to Open Access: The Case Against Mixing Up Green and Gold

issue42 feature article

Towards Library Groupware With Personalised Link Routing

issue40 feature article

Book Review: Annual Review of Information Science and Technology, Volume 37, 2003

issue38 review

Mandated Online RAE CVs Linked to University Eprint Archives: Enhancing UK Research Impact and Assessment

issue35 feature article

What Features in a Portal?

issue35 feature article

Utilizing E-books to Enhance Digital Library Offerings

issue33 feature article

Book Review: The Information Professional's Guide to Career Development Online

issue31 review

Developing Adaptable, Efficient Mobile Library Services: Librarians as Enablers

issue73 feature article
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