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Title Issue number Article type

British Library Corner: Text and the Internet

issue5 regular column

The DARE Chronicle: Open Access to Research Results and Teaching Material in the Netherlands

issue53 feature article

Progress Towards Addressing Digital Preservation Challenges

issue53 event report

News and Events

issue55 news and events

iPRES 2008

issue57 event report

News and Events

issue58 news and events

IMPACT Conference: Optical Character Recognition in Mass Digitisation

issue59 event report

Volcanic Eruptions Fail to Thwart Digital Preservation - the Planets Way

issue63 event report


issue53 news and events

News and Events

issue52 news and events

IIPC Web Archiving Toolset Performance Testing at The British Library

issue52 feature article

Planet SOSIG: A New Internet Role for Europe's Librarians

issue9 regular column

Metadata for Digital Preservation: An Update

issue22 regular column

Web Focus: Reflections On WWW9

issue24 tooled up

Metadata: Preservation 2000

issue26 event report

News and Events

issue40 news and events

The Dawning of DARE: A Shared Experience

issue41 feature article

Participate in Your Future: The IST2004 Event

issue42 event report

Excuse Me... Some Digital Preservation Fallacies?

issue46 feature article

IMPACT Final Conference 2011

issue68 event report
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