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Interface: George H Brett II, in Interview

issue3 regular column

News and Events

issue52 news and events

Global Research Library 2020

issue54 event report

News and Events

issue54 news and events

Developing the Capability and Skills to Support EResearch

issue55 feature article

News and Events

issue55 news and events

News and Events

issue56 news and events

Time to Change Our Thinking: Dismantling the Silo Model of Digital Scholarship

issue58 feature article

Preservation and Archiving Special Interest Group (PASIG) Fall Meeting

issue58 event report

NSF Workshop on Cyberinfrastructure Software Sustainability

issue59 event report

Research Data Preservation and Access: The Views of Researchers

issue60 feature article

News and Events

issue61 news and events

Moving Researchers across the EResearch Chasm

issue65 feature article

International Digital Curation Conference 2010

issue66 event report

Image 'Quotation' Using the C.I.T.E. Architecture

issue67 feature article

Institutional Challenges in the Data Decade

issue67 event report

GROW: Building a High-quality Civil Engineering Learning Object Repository and Portal

issue49 feature article

Fedora Users Conference

issue48 event report

Introducing UnAPI

issue48 feature article

Of Arms and the Man We Sing

issue18 feature article

Exploring Planet SOSIG: Sociology

issue18 regular column


issue18 event report

Bringing Coherence to Networked Information for the New Century

issue24 event report

The Distributed National Electronic Resource and the Hybrid Library

issue26 feature article

Cultural Heritage Language Technologies: Building an Infrastructure for Collaborative Digital Libraries in the Humanities

issue34 feature article

An Introduction to the Search/Retrieve URL Service (SRU)

issue40 feature article

News and Events

issue40 news and events

What Do Application Profiles Reveal about the Learning Object Metadata Standard?

issue41 feature article

Editorial Introduction to Issue 34: Cultivating Interoperability and Resource-Sharing

issue34 editorial

Virtual Research Environments: Overview and Activity

issue44 feature article

EEVL Xtra: The Hidden Web at Your Fingertips

issue44 regular column

Building the Info Grid

issue45 event report

Research Libraries Engage the Digital World: A US-UK Comparative Examination of Recent History and Future Prospects

issue46 feature article

Book Review: Understanding and Communicating Social Informatics

issue47 review

Data Science Professionals: A Global Community of Sharing

issue68 event report
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