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issue18 event report

Metadata: Workshop in Luxembourg

issue20 regular column

Metadata: Towards the Intelligent Museum

issue25 regular column

Metadata: Preservation 2000

issue26 event report

Metadata: Image Retrieval

issue19 regular column

Metadata: I Am a Name and a Number

issue24 regular column

Metadata: E-print Services and Long-term Access to the Record of Scholarly and Scientific Research

issue28 regular column

Metadata: Cataloguing Theory and Internet Subject-based Information Gateways

issue18 regular column

Metadata: BIBLINK.Checksum

issue17 regular column

Metadata Wanted for the Evanescent Library

issue36 event report

Metadata for the Masses

issue5 tooled up

Metadata for Digital Preservation: An Update

issue22 regular column

Metadata Corner: Working Meeting on Electronic Records Research

issue10 regular column

Metadata Corner: Naming Names - Metadata Registries

issue11 regular column

Metadata Corner: DC5 - the Search for Santa

issue12 regular column

Metadata Corner: CrossROADS and Interoperability

issue14 regular column

Metadata Corner

issue16 regular column

Metadata and Interoperability in a Complex World

issue37 event report

Metadata (2): Towards Consensus on Educational Metadata

issue27 regular column

Metadata (1): Encoding OpenURLs in DC Metadata

issue27 regular column

Mapping the JISC IE Service Landscape

issue36 feature article

Managing Electronic Library Services: Current Issues in UK Higher Education Institutions

issue29 feature article

Managing Digital Video Content

issue29 event report

Making the Most of a Conference

issue69 feature article

Making the Case for a Wiki

issue42 feature article

Making Citation Work: A British Library DataCite Workshop

issue71 event report

Lost in the JISC Information Environment

issue56 feature article

Live Blogging @ IWMW 2009

issue61 event report

LinkedUp: Linking Open Data for Education

issue72 feature article

Link: A New Beginning for BUBL

issue3 feature article

Library Resource Sharing and Discovery: Catalogues for the 21st Century

issue24 event report

Learning Objects and the Information Environment

issue32 feature article

Launching an Electronic Magazine: An Overview of Value-added Features and Services

issue18 feature article

KIM Project Conference: Knowledge and Information Management through Life

issue51 event report

KIM Project Conference 2008

issue55 event report

Just a Distraction?: External Content in Institutional Portals

issue36 feature article

Joint Workshop on Future-proofing Institutional Websites

issue46 event report

JISC/CNI Conference, York 2006

issue48 event report

JISC Terminology Services Workshop

issue39 event report

JISC Research Information Management: CERIF Workshop

issue69 event report


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