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Title Issue number Article type

Web Editorial: Introduction to Issue 18

issue18 editorial

Print Editorial: Introduction to Issue 18

issue18 editorial

Hybrid Libraries

issue18 feature article

Launching an Electronic Magazine: An Overview of Value-added Features and Services

issue18 feature article

Metadata: Cataloguing Theory and Internet Subject-based Information Gateways

issue18 regular column

Public Libraries Corner

issue18 regular column

Web Focus: The Role of the Web Editor

issue18 regular column

An Overview of Subject Gateway Activities in Australia

issue21 feature article

Metadata Corner: DC5 - the Search for Santa

issue12 regular column

Book Review: Making Software - What Really Works, and Why We Believe It

issue68 review

Netskills Corner: Beneath the Surface of Your Web Pages

issue5 tooled up

Metadata for the Masses

issue5 tooled up


issue5 review

Interface: EARL

issue5 regular column


issue5 odds and ends

Sideline: Seagulls and Boomerangs

issue5 odds and ends

The BNBMARC Currency Survey

issue6 project update

10th Annual Anglo-Nordic Seminar

issue6 event report

British Library Corner: Setting Priorities for Digital Library Research, The Beginnings of a Process?

issue6 regular column

Public Libraries Corner: Treasure Island on the Web

issue6 regular column

Wire: Interview with Glen Monks

issue6 regular column


issue6 odds and ends

OMNI Seminar

issue7 event report

Controlling Access in the Electronic Library

issue7 tooled up


issue7 odds and ends

Web Editorial: Introduction to Issue 8

issue8 editorial

NewsAgent for Librarians

issue5 project update

Putting the UK on the Map

issue5 project update

The 4th WWW Conference in Boston

issue1 feature article

What's Good and Bad about BUBL

issue1 feature article

Wire: Email Interview with Traugott Koch

issue1 regular column

Report on the 'Networked Information in an International Context' Conference

issue2 event report

Netskills Corner: NCSA Mosaic Web Browser

issue2 tooled up

Poem and Cartoon

issue2 odds and ends

Link: A New Beginning for BUBL

issue3 feature article

ROADS: Resource Organisation and Discovery in Subject-Based Services

issue3 project update

ADAM: Information Gateway to Resources on the Internet in Art, Design, Architecture and Media

issue3 project update

Interface: George H Brett II, in Interview

issue3 regular column


issue3 odds and ends

Serving the Arts and Humanities

issue4 feature article


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