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Implementing E-Legal Deposit: A British Library Perspective

issue57 feature article

IWMW 2007: Next Steps for the Web Management Community

issue52 event report

Capacity Building: Spoken Word at Glasgow Caledonian University

issue52 feature article

The SPP Alerting Portlet: Delivering Personalised Updates

issue52 feature article

KIM Project Conference: Knowledge and Information Management through Life

issue51 event report

The JISC Annual Conference 2007

issue51 event report

Hold It, Hold It ... Start Again: The Perils of Project Video Production

issue51 feature article

Limits to Information Transfer: The Boundary Problem

issue50 feature article

Collecting Born Digital Archives at the Wellcome Library

issue50 feature article

Book Review: Essential Law for Information Professionals

issue49 review

Workshop on E-Research, Digital Repositories and Portals

issue49 event report

Immaculate Catalogues, Indexes and Monsters Too...

issue49 event report

Wiki Or Won't He? A Tale of Public Sector Wikis

issue49 feature article

News and Events

issue48 news and events

Repositories Support Project Summer School

issue52 event report

News and Events

issue52 news and events

The Cambridge History of Libraries in Britain and Ireland

issue52 review

Book Review: Copyright Compliance

issue56 review

News and Events

issue56 news and events

Open Repositories 2008

issue56 event report

Sun Preservation and Archive Special Interest Group: May 2008 Meeting

issue56 event report

A Desk Too Far?: The Case for Remote Working

issue56 feature article

Book Review: Digital Information Culture

issue55 review

Intute Integration

issue55 feature article

Book Review: The University of Google

issue54 review

News and Events

issue54 news and events

Exploiting the Potential of Blogs and Social Networks

issue54 event report

E-Publication and Open Access in the Arts and Humanities in the UK

issue54 feature article

Ancient Cultures Inside Modern Universes

issue54 feature article

The Second Life of UK Academics

issue53 feature article

Email Curation: Practical Approaches for Long-term Preservation

issue48 event report

Intute: The New Best of the Web

issue48 feature article

News and Events

issue47 news and events

Book Review: Understanding Open Source and Free Software Licensing

issue42 review

News and Events

issue42 news and events

Looking for a Google Box?

issue42 tooled up

Making the Case for a Wiki

issue42 feature article

Software Choice: Decision-making in a Mixed Economy

issue42 feature article

Editorial Introduction to Issue 44: One Day We All Learn the Hard Way

issue44 editorial

News and Events

issue41 news and events


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