Overview of content related to 'university of salford'

Title Issue number Article type

From MERCI to DESIRE: European Digital Library Projects

issue8 tooled up

Looking for the Link Between Library Usage and Student Attainment

issue67 feature article

Institutional Web Management Workshop 2010

issue64 event report

IMPACT Conference: Optical Character Recognition in Mass Digitisation

issue59 event report

IWMW 2007: Next Steps for the Web Management Community

issue52 event report

Book Review: Information Architecture for the World Wide Web

issue51 review

KIM Project Conference: Knowledge and Information Management through Life

issue51 event report

Accessibility Testing and Reporting With TAW3

issue46 tooled up

IWMW 2005

issue44 event report

Evaluating Web Sites for Accessibility With Firefox

issue44 tooled up

Mozilla Firefox for Rapid Web Development and Testing

issue42 tooled up

The National Centre for Text Mining: Aims and Objectives

issue42 feature article

Web Focus: Report on the Fifth Institutional Web Management Workshop

issue29 tooled up

View from the Hill: Mark Clark

issue17 regular column

Web Focus Corner: Running an Institutional Web Service

issue11 regular column

IMPACT Final Conference 2011

issue68 event report
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