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Hybrid Libraries

issue18 feature article

The Personalisation of the Digital Library

issue34 event report

First Impressions of Ex Libris's Metalib: Talking about a Revolution?

issue32 feature article

Managing Electronic Library Services: Current Issues in UK Higher Education Institutions

issue29 feature article

The eLib Hybrid Library Projects

issue28 feature article

Editorial Introduction to Issue 28: Ariadne's Thread

issue28 editorial

The Future Is Hybrid: Edinburgh

issue27 event report

The Future Is Hybrid: London

issue26 event report

Web Watch: WebWatching eLib Project Web Sites

issue26 tooled up

Clumps Come Up Trumps

issue26 feature article

The Distributed National Electronic Resource and the Hybrid Library

issue26 feature article

AGORA: The Hybrid Library from a User's Perspective

issue26 feature article

Editorial Introduction to Issue 26: New Landscapes

issue26 editorial

Editorial Introduction to Issue 25: Beyond the Web Site

issue25 editorial

Agora: From Information Maze to Market

issue24 feature article

Editorial Introduction to Issue 24: Plumbing the Digital Library

issue24 editorial

Catalogues for the 21st Century

issue23 event report

Access to Scientific Knowledge for Sustainable Development: Options for Developing Countries

issue52 feature article
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