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EEVL: Resident EEVL

issue33 regular column

EEVL: Round the World

issue22 regular column

EEVL: Search Me!

issue34 regular column

eLib: How Was It for You?

issue18 feature article

Establishing a Digital Library Centre

issue29 feature article

Exposing Information Resources for E-learning

issue34 feature article

Free Full-text E-journals and EEVL's Engineering E-journal Search Engine

issue35 regular column

ILRT: The Institute for Learning and Research Technology

issue6 project update

Improving Communications Within JISC through News Aggregation

issue41 feature article

Interface: Dennis Nicholson

issue10 regular column

Intute Reflections at the End of an Era

issue64 feature article


issue20 regular column

Link: A New Beginning for BUBL

issue3 feature article

MCF: Will Dublin Form the Apple Core

issue7 tooled up

Meta Detectors

issue3 feature article

Metadata, PICS and Quality

issue9 tooled up

NetLab's Digital Library Gâteau

issue32 feature article

Never Mind the Quality, Check the Badge-Width!

issue9 feature article

News from the Resource Discovery Network

issue30 regular column

Newsline: News You Can Use

issue14 news and events

OMNI Corner

issue7 regular column

OMNI Corner: Information or Hysteria, "Talking sensibly" in the Biomedical Field

issue19 regular column

OMNI: Organising Medical Networked Information

issue1 project update

RDN Timeline

issue47 feature article

RDN: Resource Discovery Network

issue22 feature article

Retrospective on the RDN

issue47 feature article

Search Engine Corner

issue8 regular column

Stargate: Exploring Static Repositories for Small Publishers

issue47 feature article

Subject Portals

issue29 feature article

Subject-Based Information Gateways

issue18 feature article

Supporting Material for Database Training, or 'Here’s One I Prepared Earlier'

issue28 feature article

Syndicated Content: It's More Than Just Some File Formats?

issue35 feature article

Teleworking from Home

issue17 feature article

The Distributed National Electronic Resource and the Hybrid Library

issue26 feature article

The Internet Resources Newsletter from Heriot-Watt University

issue6 feature article

The JISC 5/99 Programme: What's in a Number?

issue38 feature article

The Lesser of Two EEVLs?

issue12 feature article

Virtual Training Suite Launch

issue28 event report

Web Editorial: Goodbyeee

issue10 editorial

Web Editorial: Introduction to Issue 17

issue17 editorial


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