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The JISC 5/99 Programme: What's in a Number?

issue38 feature article


issue1 odds and ends

Web Focus: Widening the Focus for the Future

issue37 tooled up

Editorial Introduction to Issue 36: This Time the Cavalry Showed Up

issue36 editorial

Syndicated Content: It's More Than Just Some File Formats?

issue35 feature article

Exploring Charging Models for Digital Cultural Heritage

issue34 feature article

The Information Grid

issue32 event report

First Impressions of Ex Libris's Metalib: Talking about a Revolution?

issue32 feature article

The Distributed National Collection Access, and Cross-sectoral Collaboration: The Research Support Libraries Programme

issue31 feature article

Web Watch: An Update On Search Engines Used In UK Universities

issue30 tooled up

Managed Learning?

issue30 feature article

Establishing a Digital Library Centre

issue29 feature article

Managing Electronic Library Services: Current Issues in UK Higher Education Institutions

issue29 feature article

Subject Portals

issue29 feature article

Editorial Introduction to Issue 29: Key Technologies for the Development of the Digital Library

issue29 editorial

The eLib Hybrid Library Projects

issue28 feature article

Book Review: Information Architecture - Designing Information Environments for Purpose

issue40 review

News and Events

issue41 news and events

News from BIOME

issue42 regular column

RDN Timeline

issue47 feature article

Research Elsewhere

issue4 editorial

SKIP: Skills for new Information Professionals

issue11 project update

Intute Reflections at the End of an Era

issue64 feature article

Libraries of the Future

issue55 event report

Retrospective on the RDN

issue47 feature article

Excuse Me... Some Digital Preservation Fallacies?

issue46 feature article

Research Libraries Engage the Digital World: A US-UK Comparative Examination of Recent History and Future Prospects

issue46 feature article

The (Digital) Library Environment: Ten Years After

issue46 feature article

What Users Want: An Academic 'Hybrid' Library Perspective

issue46 feature article

Projects Into Services: The UK Experience

issue46 feature article

Editorial Introduction to Issue 46: Ten Years of Pathfinding

issue46 editorial

News from BIOME

issue45 regular column

Looking for More Than Text?

issue45 feature article

Book Review: Digital Libraries - Policy, Planning and Practice

issue42 review

A Tradition of Scholarly Documentation for Digital Objects: The Launch of the Digital Curation Centre

issue42 event report

Hyper Clumps, Mini Clumps and National Catalogues: Resource Discovery for the 21st Century

issue42 event report

Personalization of Web Services: Opportunities and Challenges

issue28 feature article

Editorial Introduction to Issue 28: Ariadne's Thread

issue28 editorial

Interoperability: What Is It and Why Should I Want It?

issue24 feature article

Editorial Introduction to Issue 24: Plumbing the Digital Library

issue24 editorial


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