How can I use the 'Filter by author name...' options?

'Filter by author name' can help you narrow the focus to one or more authors of interest. Simply follow this procedure:

  • specify in the 'Filter by author name' field any name(s) of authors
  • select 'Apply' to check for relevant author tags 

Note that with this option you can specify either a complete name or part of a name. In cases where only part of a name is specified, this filter returns all tags including the partial string you have specified. 

Where it is available, the 'Filter by names starting with ...' option can help you divide sets of author names into smaller, more easily scanned alphabetical chunks.  You can use this procedure:

  • specify in the 'Filter by names starting with ...' field any letter of the alphabet (or first letters of author names that you are interested in)
  • select 'Apply' to check for author names of interest 
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