How does 'Filter by article type' work?

Screenshot: Filter by article type

'Filter by article type' lets you zoom in on content when you are looking for a specific type of article.  Here is a list of article types available, with links to overviews of all articles within each category:

As illustrated below, you can use a 'Filter by article type' option in tag overview pages to narrow down a list of articles related to a tag. Using this filter in effect provides a double filtering: showing articles of a specified type that have been associated with a given tag.

When you use the 'Filter by article type' field to specify your preference, as you start typing the field automatically tries to show you available article types. You can then select 'Apply' to see an overview including only content of your preferred article type.  

In some cases you may find it useful to apply combinations of filters specifying keyword, organisation, project, author, and issue number options.  Each of these options, as well as some filter combination examples, are explained in FAQs that follow.

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