How does 'Filter by author' work?

Screenshot: Filter by author, 'paul walk' author tag

'Filter by author' helps you discover content related to a specific author of interest.

By using a 'Filter by author' field (near top of overview pages), you can narrow down a list of articles related to a tag. Using this filter in effect provides a layered filtering: showing tagged content related to a specified author tag.

Specify in the 'Filter by author' field your person of interest (as you start typing, the field automatically tries to show you relevant tags) and then select 'Apply' to check for content tagged with your specified author.

As illustrated below, in some cases you may wish to combine filters. If you would like to find every article mentioning 'metadata' by the author 'paul walk', for example, then you could activate two filters specifying keyword and author tags as in the example below.

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