What are author profiles and when are they updated?

Screenshot: Author profile example

Author profiles on this site bring together key information about contributers. These profiles are based on information submitted by authors as of the date of their latest published articles.

As illustrated below, each author profile can display in one place the following:

  • information about work role (as of latest published article)
  • brief 'bio'
  • top tags summary
  • link to interactive data charts
  • overview of articles published by author, including brief summaries and links to all tags associated with articles
  • date when profile information was updated

In each case author profiles display the dates at which they were last updated.  In cases where authors have not published articles in Ariadne for some time, some author profile information may be out of date. This author profile information is retained for historical recording of author backgrounds as at latest dates of publication.

Authors wishing to have their author profiles adjusted are invited to contact Ariadne, providing updated information.

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