What are filter options and when should I consider using them?

Screenshot: Filters available hidden by default

Filter options are available on many pages, designed to help you create your own views of content in ways highly adaptable to your specific interests.  Once you have used filter options to create your own customised overviews of content related to tags, you can also download content and metadata related to your custom overview in various formats.

We suggest that you consider using filter options when:

  • tag overviews list many items and you wish to focus on sub-sets as these would be easier to scan
  • you have strong interests in specific types of content (for instance, feature articles or review)
  • you would like to combine multiple filters to narrow the focus to content associated with various combinations of tags

As illustrated below, we have set filter option tabs hidden by default to make it easy to concentrate on what's most of interest. Whilst we expect that you will find some  filter options useful, we also understand that you above all are interested in the content itself (rather than in ways that it can be filtered and presented).

Subsequent FAQs in this 'filtering' category provide tips about how to display and use filter options, either one-by-one or in combinations

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