What do 'long tail' charts show?

Screenshot: All authors data charts and links

'Long tail' charts on this site indicate relative distributions of tags associated with an authors or key topics

In each case, these 'scatter plot' charts display scopes of tag distribution:

  • red indicates top ten tags
  • blue indicates all other tags

As illustrated below, our automated tagging system produces a long tail: all authors chart for 'rdf':

  • red dots show relative distributions of articles / total usage for top 10 authors referring to 'rdf'
  • blue dots show relative distributions of articles / total usage for all other authors referring to 'rdf'

Beneath each chart you can find tag links and statistical information directly related to each of the dots in the chart above.  By following these tag links, you can move directly to overviews of articles directly related to each tag of interest and then navigate to further data charts.

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Long tail: copyright image, used under license from shutterstock.com