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Which content is displayed in the 'Gallery'?

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Our 'Gallery' provides an overview of selected, featured images from articles.  

As illustrated below, each gallery item highlights:

  • featured image from article
  • brief summary of article content
  • 'Read more ...' links to access full text of article (note that images also link to full article text)

You can narrow the focus to images from specific types of articles or issue numbers by using 'Filter by article type' and 'Filter by issue number' options.  

For example, you can use these filters to

  • show all featured images from reviews (see example)
  • show all featured images from issue 67 (see example)
  • show all featured images from reviews in issue 67 (see example)

As we do not set up featured images for all articles, 'Gallery' images do not preview all articles on this site.  Images are selected from articles published since 2003, so older articles are not previewed here.

The Hartley Library, University of Southampton

Julian Ball and Christine Fowler describe the partnership between the University of Southampton’s Library Digitisation Unit and its institutional repository for digitising and hosting theses.

The data captured to see the birth of a word in action

Patricia Charlton, Manolis Mavrikis and Demetra Katsifli discuss how the emerging trend of learning analytics and big data can support and empower learning and teaching.

Raptor logo

Leo Lyons describes how University of Kent librarians are benefitting from Raptor's ability to produce e-resource usage statistics and charts.

Individual advocacy at the library counter

Ikuko Tsuchide, Yui Nishizono, Masako Suzuki, Shigeki Sugita, Kazuo Yamamoto and Hideki Uchijima introduce a number of ideas and projects that have enhanced the progress of the Open Access movement and institutional repositories in Japan over the last ten years.

From Lending to Learning: The development and extension of public libraries

Tim Davies reviews a spirited defence of public libraries, which tries to define their core purpose and which argues for a re-positioning of their place in society.

Professor Kobus Eloff and Phytomedicine Programme students

Tertia Coetsee describes a community of practice for post-graduate students where RefShare is deployed for digital storage and retrieval, alongside Blackboard for the purposes of communication. She also describes the role of the information specialist in the programme.

Journal Usage Statistics Portal (JUSP) logo

Paul Meehan, Paul Needham and Ross MacIntyre explain the enormous time and cost benefits in using SUSHI to support rapid gathering of journal usage reports into the JUSP service.

The Information Society: A Study of Continuity and Change.

Muhammad Rafiq offers us a detailed review of a work, now in its sixth edition, which examines the information society, its origin, development, its associated issues and the current landscape.

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