Which content is displayed in the 'Gallery'?

Our 'Gallery' provides an overview of selected, featured images from articles.  

As illustrated below, each gallery item highlights:

  • featured image from article
  • brief summary of article content
  • 'Read more ...' links to access full text of article (note that images also link to full article text)

You can narrow the focus to images from specific types of articles or issue numbers by using 'Filter by article type' and 'Filter by issue number' options.  

For example, you can use these filters to

  • show all featured images from reviews (see example)
  • show all featured images from issue 67 (see example)
  • show all featured images from reviews in issue 67 (see example)

As we do not set up featured images for all articles, 'Gallery' images do not preview all articles on this site.  Images are selected from articles published since 2003, so older articles are not previewed here.

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