Forthcoming article: Book Review of 'Mob Rule Learning'

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Fiona MacLellan

A review by Fiona MacLellan is currently in preparation on Mob Rule Learning: Camps, Unconferences and Trashing the Talking Head by Michelle Boule (Medford: Cyber Age Books, 2011).

Boule's book discusses the unconference phenomenon which has emerged and developed over recent years and highlights the learning opportunities that these environments offer. She even asserts, 'If traditional conferences incorporated some unconference elements into their programming, they could add a level of energy not found with a simple speaker behind the podium.' See what Fiona makes of this book from the standpoint of a practitioner who, like many of us, knew little about unconferences before she read this work.

Fiona MacLellan is an Academic Librarian for the University of Northampton, with responsibility for the Schools of The Arts and Science and Technology.  She has research interests in Reading Groups in a HE setting and referencing systems affecting reading comprehension and fluency.

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