Seeking author for book review: The Embedded Librarian

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The Embedded Librarian by David Shumaker, Information Today, July 2012

Readers are invited to contact Ariadne if they are interested in reviewing the book The Embedded Librarian: Innovative Strategies for Taking Knowledge Where It's Needed by David Shumaker. Publication details: Publishers: Information Today, July 2012; 232 pp/softbound; ISBN 978-1-57387-452-6.

David Shumaker is a faculty member at the School of Library and Information Science at the Catholic University of America in Washington, DC. Before joining the School, he spent a lengthy career in Information Services at the MITRE Corporation. While at MITRE, he expanded embedded information services, and since coming to CUA, has made this trend a primary research focus. (For further information see David Shumaker’s presentation entitled "Embedded Librarians Rebound!" during Session 1: Directly Supporting Researchers, at the OCLC Research Library Partnership meeting, Libraries Rebound on 5 June 2012 in Philadelphia, PA., published by OCLC Research on YouTube.)

If you are interested in reviewing this work, please contact Ariadne using our contact form, giving your name and contact (inc. postal) details, your area of work / interest and organisation / position where relevant. The anticipated submission date for this review will be 19 November 2012.


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