Seeking author for book review: Information 2.0

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Information 2.0  by Martin de Saulles. Facet Publishing, Maay 2012

Readers are invited to contact Ariadne if they are interested in reviewing the book Information 2.0  by Martin de Saulles. Publication details: Facet Publishing, May 2012; 160pp; paperback; ISBN 978-1-85604-754-8.

Dr Martin De Saulles is a principal lecturer at the University of Brighton. He has worked in the information and technology sectors for 20 years as a researcher, analyst, entrepreneur, writer and academic.

If you are interested in reviewing this work, please contact Ariadne using our contact form, giving your name and contact (inc. postal) details, your area of work / interest and organisation / position where relevant. The anticipated submission date for this review will be 8 October 2012.

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