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A Digital Library Showcase and Support Service - the Berkeley Digital Library SunSITE

roy tennant issue10

Access to Newspapers and Journals for Visually Impaired People: The Talking Newspaper Association of the UK

neil h. mclachlan issue10

ACORN Implemented

jon knight, richard goodman issue10

Around the Table: Film and Cinema

frank parry issue10

Beyond the Web: The Potential Uses of HTML in Library Disaster Control Planning

emma blagg issue10

BUBL : How BUBL Benefits Academic Librarians

alan dawson, jan simpson issue10


malcolm campbell issue10

Changing the Lightbulb – Er, the Culture: How Many eLib Projects Does It Take to Change the Higher Education Culture?

clare davies, alison scammell, matthew hall issue10

Clifford Lynch in Interview

john kirriemuir, clifford lynch issue10

Copyright Management Technologies: The Key to Unlocking Digital Works?

anne ramsden issue10

Cybercollege Scorecard: How Does Your University Score?

tony durham issue10

Down Your Way: Thames Valley University

sarah ashton issue10

Dublin Core Management

andy powell issue10


sam saunders issue10

Electronic Document Delivery: A Trial in an Academic Library

fiona williams issue10

Electronic Journals: Problem Or Panacea?

judith edwards issue10


anne ramsden issue10

Interface: Dennis Nicholson

chris bailey issue10

Metadata Corner: Working Meeting on Electronic Records Research

michael day issue10

Minotaur: Metadata -To Be, Or Not to Be (Catalogued)

gordon dunsire issue10


jill foster issue10

Netskills Corner: The 2nd International Symposium on Networked Learner Support (NLS)

walter scales issue10

NISS: National Information Services and Systems

annette lafford, oren stone issue10

OMNI-Corner: LA 97: 'I Don't Think We're in Kansas Anymore, Toto!'

sue welsh issue10

Planet SOSIG: The New SOSIG Interface

tracey hooper issue10

Press Release – JISC / Caul Collaboration Agreement

kelly russell issue10

Print Editorial: Introduction to Issue 10

john maccoll issue10

Public Libraries Corner: Stories from the Web

sarah ormes issue10

Revolutionaries and Captives in the Information Society

trevor haywood issue10

r·cade: Resource Centre for Access to Data on Europe

sharon bolton issue10

Search Engines Corner: Keyword Spamming - Cheat Your Way to the Top

tracey stanley issue10

Setting Priorities for Digital Library Research

graham jefcoate issue10

The Horse That Isn't There: 1997 US Digital Libraries Initiative Meeting

chris rusbridge issue10

The Librarian of Babel: The Self-Citation Machine

mike holderness issue10

The Library Association Web Site

alan cooper, finbarr joy issue10

View from the Hill: Chris Zielinski

john maccoll, chris zielinski issue10

Web Editorial: Goodbyeee

john kirriemuir issue10

Web Focus: Technical Aspects of Copyright and the Web

brian kelly issue10
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