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Web Editorial: Introduction to Issue 11

isobel stark issue11

Print Editorial: Introduction to Issue 11

john maccoll issue11

Change and Uncertainty in Academic Libraries

catherine edwards issue11

Theses Unbound

alason roberts issue11

Electronic Document Delivery: A Trial in an Academic Library

fiona williams issue11

SKIP: Skills for new Information Professionals

penny garrod issue11


hilary nunn issue11

Parallel Publishing for Transactions (PPT)

hugo brailsford issue11

York Information Connections: An Attempt to Catalogue the Internet

christine ellwood, sarah thompson issue11

Cataloguing Electronic Sources

jackie hwang issue11

Cataloguing E-Journals: Where Are We Now?

valerie wilkins issue11

Copyright Corner

charles oppenheim issue11

Down Your Way: Queen's University Library

isobel stark issue11

Interface: All Pre-Prints Servers Are Not the Same

isobel stark, dan fleming issue11

Knight's Tale: The Hybrid Library - Books and Bytes

jon knight issue11

The Librarian of Babel: for a Public Reading Right

mike holderness issue11

Metadata Corner: Naming Names - Metadata Registries

rachel heery issue11


john macritchie issue11


debra hiom issue11

Public Libraries Corner: A Public Library Metadata Initiative

sally criddle issue11

Search Engines Corner: Finding UK and European Resources on the Web

tracey stanley issue11

Web Focus Corner: Running an Institutional Web Service

brian kelly issue11

Conference Goes One Step Beyond

john maccoll issue11

Digital Libraries '97

david nichols issue11


david nichols issue11


john eyre issue11

Libtech '97

christine dugdale, jackie chelin issue11


malcolm campbell issue11
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