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A Knight's Tale: Networked CD-ROM Redirectors

jon knight issue14

An End User's View

oliver de peyer issue14


christine dugdale issue14


malcolm campbell issue14

Copyright Corner

charles oppenheim issue14

Down Your Way: Cyberworld Croydon

lyndon pugh issue14

Dublin Comes to Europe

paul miller issue14


david larbey issue14

Electronic Resource Creation and Management at Scottish Universities

dennis nicholson, martin smith issue14

Information Services: A Mission and a Vision

les watson issue14

Internet Resources for Older People

monica blake issue14

Metadata Corner: CrossROADS and Interoperability

rachel heery, andy powell, michael day issue14


robin alston issue14


rosemary russell issue14

Netskills Corner: Multimedia Web Design

walter scales issue14

Newsline: News You Can Use

philip hunter issue14

Planet SOSIG: Regard

sue timmis issue14

Print Editorial: Introduction to Issue 14

lyndon pugh issue14

Public Libraries Corner: An Internet Open Day

sally criddle issue14

Search Engines Corner: Meta-search Engines

tracey stanley issue14

So What Is So Exciting about LAMDA?

frederick friend issue14

Superjournal Update

christine baldwin issue14

Task Force Meeting

kelly russell issue14

The People's Library

lyndon pugh issue14

View from the Hill: Mel Collier

lyndon pugh, mel collier issue14

Web Editorial: Introduction to Issue 14

isobel stark, philip hunter issue14

Web Focus: Animate Your Pages

brian kelly issue14

What Is RDF?

rachel heery issue14
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