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Editorial Introduction to Issue 26: New Landscapes

philip hunter issue26

After eLib

chris rusbridge issue26

Travelling at the Speed of Discovery: The MALIBU Project's Most Valuable Lessons

valeda dent issue26

Building on BUILDER

ian upton issue26

AGORA: The Hybrid Library from a User's Perspective

bridget robinson, david palmer issue26

The Distributed National Electronic Resource and the Hybrid Library

lorcan dempsey, stephen pinfield issue26

Clumps Come Up Trumps

helena gillis, verity brack, john gilby, marian hogg issue26

E-Commerce in Higher Education: Can We Afford to Do Nothing?

andrew aird issue26

It's the End of the World As We Know It (and I Feel Fine), Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the E-Book

sarah ormes issue26

Continuity and Collaboration: The Online Bach Bibliography

yo tomita issue26

Understanding the Searching Process for Visually Impaired Users of the Web (NoVA)

jenny craven issue26

Exam Papers Online

sally rumsey issue26

Planet SOSIG: Keeping Social Scientists Connected

debra hiom, emma place issue26


roddy macleod issue26


paula manning issue26

Metadata: Preservation 2000

michael day issue26

Public Libraries: Managing the Virtual Branch

sarah ormes issue26

Web Focus: The Web On Your Phone and TV

brian kelly issue26

Web Watch: WebWatching eLib Project Web Sites

brian kelly issue26

NT Explorer

brett burridge issue26

The Future Is Hybrid: London

kate robinson issue26


malcolm campbell issue26

Review of Digital Imaging: A Practical Handbook

philip hunter, marieke guy issue26
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