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Editorial Introduction to Issue 37: Monocultures Threaten More Than Species

richard waller issue37

Unicode and Historic Scripts

deborah anderson issue37

Trends in Self-Posting of Research Material Online by Academic Staff

theo andrew issue37

Updated JISC Guides Are Now Available

emma beer issue37

Delivering OAI Records As RSS: An IMesh Toolkit Module for Facilitating Resource Sharing

monica duke issue37

Ebooks in UK Libraries: Where Are We Now?

penny garrod issue37

Experiences of Harvesting Web Resources in Engineering Using Automatic Classification

jessica lindholm, kjell jansson, tomas schoenthal issue37

Towards a Typology for Portals

paul miller issue37

DAEDALUS: Initial Experiences With EPrints and DSpace at the University of Glasgow

william nixon issue37

Public Libraries

penny garrod issue37

Planet SOSIG

angela joyce, anne dimond issue37


roddy macleod issue37

News from BIOME

donald mackay issue37

Search Engines: Would All New Search Engines Take One Step Forward!

phil bradley issue37

Web Focus: Widening the Focus for the Future

brian kelly issue37

ECDL-2003 Conference Notes

lesly huxley issue37

ECDL-2003 Web Archiving

michael day issue37

OAI: The Fourth Open Archives Forum Workshop

manjula patel issue37

Metadata and Interoperability in a Complex World

pete johnston issue37

OpenURL Meeting

andy powell, frances boyle, linda humphreys issue37

Crime and Punishment: Protecting ICT Users and Their Information Against Computer Crime and Abuse

andrew charlesworth issue37

Newsline: News You Can Use

shirley keane issue37

Book Review: Joining Up the Dots

stuart hannabuss issue37

Book Review: The Accidental Systems Librarian

eric jukes issue37

Book Review: Implementing Digital Reference Services

ben wynne issue37
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