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World Wide Web Conference 2004

dave beckett issue40

WebWatch: Testing Web Page Design Concepts for Usability

dey alexander, derek brown issue40

Web Focus: The Web on Your TV

brian kelly issue40

Towards Library Groupware With Personalised Link Routing

daniel chudnov, jeremy frumkin, jennifer weintraub, matthew wilcox, raymond yee issue40

The Information Environment Service Registry: Promoting the Use of Electronic Resources

amanda hill issue40

The Future of Cataloguing: Cataloguing and Indexing Group Conference

paola stillone issue40

Targeting Academic Research With Southampton's Institutional Repository

jessie hey issue40

Tap Into Bath

ann chapman, alison baud issue40

Support Models for Open Source Deployment

randy metcalfe, sebastian rahtz issue40

Search Engines: A Mixed Bag - A Review of Some New Search Engines

phil bradley issue40

Rights Management and Digital Library Requirements

karen coyle issue40

Public Libraries: Weblogs: Do They Belong in Libraries?

penny garrod issue40


neil jacobs issue40

PALS Conference: Institutional Repositories and Their Impact on Publishing

kurt paulus issue40

News from BIOME

jenny hall issue40

News and Events

shirley keane issue40

ERPANET Seminar on Persistent Identifiers

monica duke issue40

EEVL News: What EEVL Users Really Want

roddy macleod issue40

Editorial Introduction to Issue 40: Horses for Courses

richard waller issue40

Cornucopia: An Open Collection Description Service

chris turner issue40

Collection-level Description: Thinking Globally before Acting Locally

ann chapman, bridget robinson issue40

Book Review: Staying Legal

stuart hannabuss issue40

Book Review: Net Effects

grant young issue40

Book Review: Managing Your Internet & Intranet Services

david hook issue40

Book Review: Information Architecture - Designing Information Environments for Purpose

john paschoud issue40

Book Review: Developing Web-based Instruction

lyn parker issue40

An Introduction to the Search/Retrieve URL Service (SRU)

eric lease morgan issue40

Adding Value to the National Information Infrastructure: The EDINA Exchange Day, Edinburgh

john maccoll issue40
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